Your Bernal Heights Crime Update for May 2015: Gambling Dens Are Trouble, Pity the Sad Car Windows, and Guard Your Succulents


And now, a quick update on Ingleside Precinct crime patterns, courtesy of Neighbor Sarah, our valiant SFPD liaison:

Ingleside SFPD Community Meeting and Crime Update
Meeting: May 19, 2015

Elder Abuse – People are pretending to be contractors or utility employees to gain access to houses, and they are targeting older residents. Help spread the word. Have had four of these incidents in Ingleside, and more have happened in the Richmond and Bayview. Call police to check out any suspicious activity or confirm a worker is legit – 553-0123 (or 911 if they actually get in and you realize they’re not legit).

Burglaries picking up in same spot where there were burglaries in Nov/Dec in Miraloma Park area. They think the current crew is related to the people who were arrested in Nov/Dec and are still in jail. Daytime burglaries – same MO as last time: ring bell, kick in door.

Robberies on Mission corridor (Mission/Geneva area especially, but also Mission/Kingston) Police think it’s related to gambling shacks. Many victims uncooperative, not wanting to give information. Increasing patrols late at night. Not just one crew. Robbers look for easy marks – people walking alone, people coming out of bars alone, etc. Some guns and knives; others strong-arm. Report activity (people always hanging out at a particular spot, etc) and be specific when you see it. Even minor details can be very important (like broken taillights). Tell officers to take a report and that the captain said to do it. It takes them a while to shut down gambling shacks, and they need lots of evidence. Working with City Attorney and DA. Can’t say much yet. “Our lucky breaks are you.” Police reports are critical – don’t just send in an email to the station. Call right away when you see activity.

Increase in gang activity on Mission Corridor near Crocker-Amazon. Nortenos of Daly City trying to make a comeback. Recent robbery, retaliatory shooting. Also fights, stabbings. All happening later in night.

Naples & Persia “sideshows” – Cars doing donuts and burnouts, etc — report immediately. Get plates. Hard to catch in the act unless neighbors call it in. Getting a license plate is the key.

Car break-ins still high across city. Stolen property usually sold within half an hour of the theft (on Market/7th).

Parents in the audience brought up pedestrian/traffic issues at Aptos school. Numerous incidents. Working with complex web of constituencies, supervisors, and police because they’re in two supervisory districts and two police districts.

Also, one thing I forgot from my last set of notes: Upper Noe has seen succulent thefts again lately (as have some areas of Bernal). Some people found the thieves on video surveillance. It appears to take place around 3-4am, and the thieves have carts covered with blankets. They put the cuttings inside and replace the blanket. So if you see anyone doing this, call it in. Thieves get ~$7 for them at Flower Market because drought-tolerant landscaping is on the rise.

SAVE THE DATE: The Ingleside Police District’s National Night Out BBQ will be held in Bernal Heights this year – Tuesday, August 4, 5-8pm at the Bernal Heights Recreation Center and Bernal Heights Library. Please save the date for free food and lots of family activities, including the Rec & Park climbing wall, bouncy houses, games, and giveaways. Meet your neighbors and enjoy a summer evening out!

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9 thoughts on “Your Bernal Heights Crime Update for May 2015: Gambling Dens Are Trouble, Pity the Sad Car Windows, and Guard Your Succulents

  1. The succulent theft is out of hand. Heath Ceramics had all the succulent plantings on their block stolen a few ago and a new neighbor put out some interesting plantings next to his door. Gone in a week.

  2. As I posted on an earlier thread I think the “crew” pictured here before are again targeting people who look like they’re walking back from tech busses in Bernal in the late afternoons/early evenings. They target and trail you, wait until you’re exhausted from climbing up the hill and jump you on a quiet street from a stolen car with dealer tags put where the plate was. Given the guns I won’t serve as a bait human but I suggest the cops use a brave undercover for that. Apparently they struck (in the back) a 19-year old in the Mission last week. No doubt they feel a sense of righteousness from all the techbro criticism, thanks folks.

    As for succulents and fences on 7th & Market, if the cops know that’s where the demand is, let’s destroy the demand.

  3. On a Bernal/Safety email list, the person who was reporting on a meeting at the police station, and initially reported something about the succulent thieves selling their loot at the Flower Mart, later clarified that this piece of information was merely opinion coming from the audience, not fact coming from the police.
    I’d be very surprised if the vendor at the Mart are so hard up for merchandise they’d be reduced to buying hot plants; and anyway it’s not likely that it costs them $7 to produce a single medium-sized succulent for the wholesale market.

  4. The gambling shack at Kingston & Mission has been out of operation for months. What did the captain say that connects current robberies to that gambling shack?

  5. (10:15pm) Just caught a guy breaking into my vehicle on Holly Park Circle, across the street from my house. I forgot my back pack in my truck and was heading out to get it, I heard a slight pop while inside the house still and thought it sounded like a window. By the time I got outside 2 males were up in Holly Park, one with my backpack on. I chased them on foot and caught up to the one with my bag on Highland. They fled into Holly Courts.

    • …. I went to the opposite entrance of the courts and saw them again, they ran into a unit, I did not follow. I asked a few neighbors to call the police and no one would. I asked a few neighbors if they know the criminals, no one would answer. An 8 year old was brave enough to tell me a name of one of them. The police seemed very un-interested with this info and wouldn’t let me show them where they ran into. The reporting officer told me the District Attorney isn’t charging any criminals burglarizing cars, and this is the reason there are so many break in’s. I am amazed and frustrated.

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