Which of These Murals Should Help Visitors Discover Bernal’s Lost Tribe of College Hill?


The  Bernalese peoples from the Lost Tribe of College Hill hope to be less lost. Or, more found. Or, at the very least, clearly branded.

This desire is now being expressed in the form of a mural the College Hill Neighborhood Association has commissioned with artist Josh Talbott. The mural will be installed on a cinderblock shed at 3600 Mission Street (at Appleton), and it will act as a visual point-of-entry for southbound traffic. The College Hill News says:

All three of Josh’s designs are meant to make you take notice of our corner of South Bernal—the Lost Tribe of College Hill is ready to be found. And our new College Hill logo—with wayfinding to the Bernal Cut Path—will be incorporated into the winning design.

Want to see Josh’s designs up close? Please join the College Hill Neighborhood Association at the Glen Park Library on Sunday, April 26th, at 4 p.m. to see his artistic inspiration and to log your vote in person.

“Discovery” is the name of the proposed design shown above.

Below, we see two other alternatives, “For Love” and “The Arrow of Time,” respectively:



Which is the most fabulous? Which will do the most to put our College Hill neighbors on the map? All Bernalese are invited to learn more about the proposed designs and vote for your favorite online by April 30.

PHOTOS: by  Josh Talbott 

6 thoughts on “Which of These Murals Should Help Visitors Discover Bernal’s Lost Tribe of College Hill?

  1. Josh Talbott did an absolutely gorgeous mural at SF Community Alternative School – check it out at the corner of London and Excelsior streets

  2. Recognition of College Hill is overdue. Recently bloggers have decided this area is upper Mission, earlier writers thinking the North Mission is upper Mission. Actually there has always been an Upper Mission, to the west of the Inner Mission, and it overlaps with Noe Valley and Dolores Heights.
    I like all the murals, especially the version with the vise, but with that specific logo I might mistake it for advertising. It looks like something on a tub of ice cream.

  3. I have to agree w/SF’55
    Josh’s other work is so beautiful that these look like photos in comparison (maybe they are??)
    The orange poppies are more in keeping with a visual..perhaps some of the residents in College Hill might have some suggestions and offer images that reflect the feeling of the neighborhood.

  4. on second glance -perhaps he can replicate the flowers at the bottom of one side of the space and bring it up onto the image with a street sign that says College Hill on one side and Bernal Cut on the other

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