Dramatic Car Fire Awakens Eugenia Neighbors



Neighbor Tucker witnessed a rather spectacular spectacle early this morning:

Well that was crazy. A car was on fire at the corner of Eugenia and Coleridge this morning. The SFFD arrived in no time, and had the fire out almost immediately. Great outcome for everyone but the car!

PHOTO: Neighbor Tucker

10 thoughts on “Dramatic Car Fire Awakens Eugenia Neighbors

  1. Our SF Fire Dept. has to be the best in the USA. I have had occasion to use them and the response time was 3 minutes. Congrats to our guys and women.

  2. wow, good work and good that no one was injured (I assume?) … how does a parked car just sorta burst into flames? Bad custom install wiring job? turbo timer on the fritz?

  3. This was outside our house around 6:30am which at 6:00am it was pouring rain. There was an investigator there around 8am before they towed it away. The car tire was melted to the asphalt. I was a little suspicious

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