Two Quirky Bernal Heights Houses, Now for Sale



Two homes have come up for sale in Bernal Heights, and both are rather unique.

We’ll start with 4021 Folsom, a wacky little house that has always appealed to Neighbor Victoria. She lives on Precita, but she passes this place on the way to the Farmer’s Market, and she has long been smitten by it. Now she’s noticed it’s for sale:

My absolute FAVORITE house in Bernal is on the market- for a cool half-mill.  It is itty bitty- an adorable 650 square feet with a backyard that’s probably 20 sq ft lol. It was previously overgrown with an epic amount of morning glories (which were chopped down to make it more desirable??? ::whimper::) and it lost it’s gingerbread house appeal, sadly.  Maybe it will make a great home for a single dude millionaire??  It’s pretty raw inside (the loft??) and seems like someone’s been livin easy in there for a while!
I’m planning a drive-by morning glory seed bombing regardless, to restore it to it’s former greatness! haha

Banzai!! No tightass interior staging for 4021 Folsom; it’s totally WYSIWYG:


Meanwhile, the other home, also just listed, is 124 Mullen.

It’s a favorite of mine, because it’s basically a midcentury Lake Tahoe chalet, right here in the City. Check out the view from the inside:


Sure it needs a little freshening up, but tell me you: THIS is the house where you’ll want to be for the apres ski party after a ripping day on the slopes at Ski Bernalwood. It’s a 1948 sq ft 2 BR, starting at $1m. Lift tickets sold separately.

Hat Tip: Miss Sally at CurbedSF

3 thoughts on “Two Quirky Bernal Heights Houses, Now for Sale

  1. Here’s hoping I win the lottery! I wish I could even afford to rent in Bernal. My dogs and I are relegated to bayview. 😦

  2. They both have a lot of potential. If I had the means (and it weren’t peak market) I’d love to do something with that Mullen house. It’s bad ass.

  3. Lived at Folsom in late 90s. We used to call it the ski chalet. Friends called it the tool shed. Anyone dropping a half mil on that joint is too stupid to have that much money

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