Starting TONIGHT: Stand-Up Comedy at the Lucky Horseshoe


As if living in Bernal Heights wasn’t comedy enough, there’s a new stand-up comedy night happening at the Lucky Horseshoe on Cortland every Tuesday this month, starting TONIGHT, Tuesday March 4.

The evenings are called Comedy at Dusk, and co-host Neighbor Clara Bijl does the intro:

Ian Williams and I (both Bernal Heights locals) will bring stand up comedy to Cortland every Tuesday in March, 7pm to 9pm.

And here’s the line-up for Tuesday March 4th:

Hosted by Ian Williams

Speaking of which, Neighbor Ian wants to explain …

Just so you know, most of my material is geared for the north-slope crowd, who are my people. I have recently taken the time to interact with south-slopers like Clara, and find them to be decent people, although Redfin might disagree. Clara and I have become bi-slopal and hope our show can bring the community together. We hope that one day, there will be no slope, which currently only exists in algebra (and I couldn’t explain it to you.)

Folks, they’re here all month!

8 thoughts on “Starting TONIGHT: Stand-Up Comedy at the Lucky Horseshoe

  1. Dang, the Armory Club and The Rite Spot are both doing free comedy nights now as well. Who needs cable?

  2. At least since we all speak the same language (mostly) and what other languages are spoken are not divided between North and South slope, hopefully rioting won’t break out and the govt will have an excuse to send in the military to preserve order. Peace between North and South!!

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