Beautiful New Map Shows Bernal Heights, Even More So

bernal.topourbanismFast Company Design carries a story about a new map of San Francisco that  happens to include a particularly tasty representation of Bernal Heights:

In San Francisco Contours, a topographical print by Abe Bingham … urbanity has been stripped away to highlight the hills of the city.

The piece was inspired by a combination of San Francisco’s unique landscape and the general failings of traditional topographical maps, which are, on one hand, a triumph of data visualization, and on the other, very difficult for the average person to decipher. As a fix, Bingham built his maps in full 3-D, exaggerating altitude by 2.5x to simulate the view of a pedestrian rather than a flyby.

The map is gorgeous, but the exaggerated proportions make it somewhat difficult to orient yourself to the image of Bernal Heights shown above. So here’s an annotated guide:


Abe Bingham is a SF-born graphic designer, and he wants to sell images of his maps, so you can find out more (and buy a copy) on his Kickstarter page. A $50 contribution qualifies you as a “Bernal Hill Level” donor, which is actually rather flattering.

IMAGES: Via Abe Bingham

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