Rainbow Alert! Exceptionally Fortuitous “Triple Twelve” Double Rainbow Spreads Euphoria Across Bernal Heights





This morning at approximately 8:08 am, scientists at the Bernal Heights Prismatic Observatory recorded a massive Category 4 rainbow arcing across the northern sky, just west of Mission Street.

At the same time, a faint, secondary halo was seen just above the primary arch, earning this event official Double Rainbow certification.

Because of today’s date — December 12, 2012 — today’s sighting was quickly dubbed the “Triple Twelve Rainbow.” Meanwhile, the unusual combination of high rainbow clarity and profound numerological symmetry was predicted to have a fortuitous impact on Bernal Heights and the surrounding area.

There have been scattered reports of sudden-onset euphoria occurring throughout Bernal Heights this morning, so motorists are advised to be on the lookout for blissed-out pedestrians wandering aimlessly on local sidewalks, streets, and byways. On Bernal Hill, dog-owners are asked to keep their pets under close control, given the high probability that unicorns will be grazing there during the day.

Finally, please note this stunning image captured by Neighbor Jason, which will be even more mind-expanding if you click here to embiggen:


PHOTOS: From top, Aaron Ximm, Ben Simon, @jessstopp, Steve Rosenberg, Jason Brown

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Alert! Exceptionally Fortuitous “Triple Twelve” Double Rainbow Spreads Euphoria Across Bernal Heights

  1. I work in Noe Valley and enjoyed the sight of the rainbow as I was driving from Bernal to Noe. Todd, it was nice to meet you at the Bernalwood party last night, and everyone else I talked to there. Maybe it would be fun to have more gatherings like that throughout the year!

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