11 thoughts on “To the Polls, Citizens of Bernalwood!

  1. A lot of confusion at my polling place (which turned out to be in a different place than the one I’ve voted at for every election in the last several years.) In the relatively brief time (15 – 20 minutes) I was in line I saw at least 10 people turned away or told they would have to file provisional ballots. The clearly undertrained pollworkers also told people that provisional ballots would be counted the same way as normal ballots. This is not the case, however.

  2. Extra props to the poll workers at BHNC this morning. The scanning/counting machine broke down at about 8:15-8:30, the line backed up, the peeps began to panic a bit, but the poll workers took it in stride. After some fussing around, they had us put our ballots into the secret, locked compartment at the back of the machine where they PROMISE they will be safe until the end of the day and then handfed into the machine before the polls close. Glad I don’t live in one of those Neanderthal red states, where I would have had to guard my ballot with my life.

    • seems it broke down again around 11:45 or so when I was in there. I gave the pollworker my blue folder with my filled out ballot in it and I left. I kicked myself later for not waiting to see if they fixed it and that my vote was counted.

  3. Used to be a polling place on the 800 block of Moultrie that was packed with stolen goods, an impressive fencing operation so to speak. But come election day they broke out the sheets and tarps and had everything out of sight.

  4. We voted this morning at the Precita Park Cafe! Ordered a latte and almond croissant afterwards – talk about a win-win. Election volunteers a little confused, but things turned out fine and really no line to speak of before 8:00 am. I love your cub reporter’s zest for civic duty!

      • For best of both worlds:
        1- get a permanent absentee ballot
        2 – fill it out at home and put in the supplied envelope
        3 – on election day go to polling place, waltz past the line and stick it in the red box
        4 – chat with your neighbors and their kids and dogs

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