Glamorous Scenes from Fiesta on the Hill 2012

Fiesta on the Hill 2012

Fiesta on the Hill 2012

Fiesta on the Hill 2012

The only thing more joyful than a night spent celebrating the Giants’ epic victory over the St. Louis Cardinals to take the NLCS is a morning spent perusing photos taken during the epic 2012 Fiesta on the Hill last weekend.

Okay, the Giants win may be the one that ends up in the history books, but Fiesta on the hill was pretty great too. And here are bunch of pictures that show how just how much fun it was — and in true Bernal style.

I took a few of these photos, but the really, really great ones were taken by superstar photojournalist Adrian Mendoza.

Way to look glamorous, Bernal Heights!

Fiesta on the Hill 2012

Fiesta on the Hill 2012

PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics and Adrian Mendoza

4 thoughts on “Glamorous Scenes from Fiesta on the Hill 2012

  1. I have lived just off Corltand for more than 20 years now & been to alot of Fiestas (all!) I loved the pictures you posted, but in fact my family & many of our neighbors & friends found this Fiesta to be strangely devoid of heart & soul. Maybe it was the sad ponies stuck to poles (what happened to the folks who actually let the kids on ponies walk up & down the streets?) or maybe it was the utter lack of kid activities that did not require insane amounts of $$ (there used to be pumpkin painting, dunk frank in the dunking booth, etc). And the vendors!!! Yuck! In SF there is just no excuse for lousy street food. I had what had to be the absolute worst pupusa I have ever had in my life – just a few blocks from the best on Mission street. And vendor booths – again yuck! Where are all our local artisits/artisans? Why all the crappy made in China junk? There were 3 or 4 booths selling the SAME made in China fuzzy hats. And come on – a booth for the Lazer skin treatments? We left much earlier than usual (we usually stay all day) having run out of things to do (nothing for the kids) and with stomachaches from terrible food. The Fiesta planning committee needs some fresh ideas.

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  4. When will the Bernal Community stop listening to the never-ending excuses for the obvious mismanagement and total lack of financial transparency required by law for all non-profit organisations?

    Why is the Board of BHNC permanent and not answerable to the community they claim to be serving?

    When will the Bernal Community at least demand the Board Members show up for conference or at least truthfully respond to community requests for information regarding BHNC Finances or any other questions regarding the many problems and service cuts of BHNC?

    How do you lose $60,000 holding a street fair? I guess it is possible…but who will ever know?

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