Do You Live on Precita? Want a Sidewalk Garden? Attend the Informational Meeting TONIGHT.

Our green-thumbed friends from Friends of the Urban Forest are planning to do a sidewalk garden planting in a few weeks, and they’re looking for homes along Precita Avenue to participate. Want a garden in front of your home? Cheep? There’s an informational meeting happening tonight. Ms. Fiona from FUF tells Bernalwood:

The Community Meeting will be held on Tuesday October 16th from 6:30-7:30pm at 274 Precita Ave.

I’ll be giving a short presentation setting out full details on how to participate in our upcoming sidewalk garden planting on Precita Avenue, scheduled for December 1st 2012. Interested property owners will need to submit two forms and a $160 payment to me – all of which I’ll explain at the meeting.

I’ll aim to answer any and all questions, and will leave everyone with the relevant paperwork.

PHOTO: Friends of the Urban Forest

5 thoughts on “Do You Live on Precita? Want a Sidewalk Garden? Attend the Informational Meeting TONIGHT.

  1. If you live on folsom between cesar and ripley and missed our street greening, i suggest you go to this meeting to express your interest. They said if enough people on folsom want a garden, now that some of us have them, they might revisit our street.

  2. Three cheers for sidewalk gardens. Check out the ones FUF installed earlier this year on Folsom between Precita and Cesar Chavez and Manchester between Bessie and Stoneman. They’re great, and it’s a fun community project!

  3. I should add that there was one unexpected repurcussion from our sidewalk gardens on Manchester St. The city inspector red-tagged many of the residents for problems with their sidewalks. In some cases the owners spent hundreds of dollars fixing “problems” that were only apparent to the inspector. And other spots where the sidewalk was clearly in need of repair escaped the inspector’s notice completely. Some neighbors dropped out of the project because they couldn’t afford to plant the gardens and fix their sidewalks. It nearly derailed the whole project. Karla from FUF was a great advocate for the neighbors and the project did succeed, but it was a mess for a while.

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