Crescent Neighbors Say New 23 Muni Bus Stop Really Sucks

A Muni bus stop was relocated recently on Crescent Avenue at Ellsworth, and the natives are not happy. Bernalwood has received multiple complaints about the location of the new bus stop, and here is Neighbor Michael’s summary of the situation:

There’s an MTA War going on on Crescent Avenue at Ellsworth! Not long ago, a homeowner on the street complained about having a bus stop in front of his house. Granted, it’s been there for years; he knew about it when he bought the house, but hey, it’s his right to complain. The MTA decided to move the bus stop from the corner to the middle of the next block, to appease this neighbor.

What this has done is create a safety hazard. The bus stops in the middle of the block (two houses after stopping at a sign), so cars get stuck in the intersection, and pass on the opposite side of the road (accidents to ensue). Passengers now get off in the middle of the block rather than a corner, so they will most likely jaywalk rather than cross legally. Also, my driveway has become the de facto handicap ramp for wheelchair users. (Does that open me up to liability?)

This video (displayed above) shows folks queueing up at the old stop. They clearly don’t like the new stop, and the bus (23 Muni) didn’t go to the new stop. Confusion for all.

Numerous calls and emails to the MTA have revealed they want to do a 6 month study to consider if they should move the stop AGAIN.

If they can move the bus stop without a study, why can’t they just move it back without one too? This all doesn’t seem fair to the passengers, drivers, or us, the neighbors.

On top of all that, Neighbor Beth writes:

Is anyone being affected by the fact that they have cut back the 23 bus EVEN MORE?

When we first moved here it. Came very frequently in the morning (like every 7-10 minutes). Then they cut it back. Now they just cut it again. Now we might have to wait 30-40 minutes to catch a bus to/from the Glen Park Bart, which makes the bus useless (especially since its only a 15 min walk).

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  1. Unfortunately, not everyone can walk 15 minutes to BART. My walk to BART is 20 and some days that’s just too much. That bus stop in the middle of the block is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. What were they thinking, not thinking? The owner should definitely complain, complain, complain. It took a serious injury accident (motorcycle/MUNI) on my corner for the city to make it a no parking zone. Wheels move very slowly. Hopefully, it won’t take another injury accident for MUNI to move this bus stop to another corner.

  2. Bernal families who have children who rely on MUNI to get to Lowell HS and Aptos MS are having their own MUNI war re the 23 Monterey.

    Many people are unaware that this year, due to budget cuts, SFUSD no longer provides ANY school buses (except to special ed students).

    At issue is the fact that MUNI does not get a replacement driver when a bus driver is on vacation or sick – they just cancel that particular bus.

    While that sucks massively for 11-18 year olds waiting for (up to an hour) to get to school, what sucks even harder is that the ONLY way to know if your bus has been canceled is to call 311, go through their phone tree, and then wait 5-10 minutes for an operator to pick up so you can ask if your particular bus is running. Really, I ought to do this every morning at 6 am in order to make sure my kid can get to school?

    In addition. many middle schoolers frequently wait 45-60 minutes after school because their bus is too full and simply passes them by.

    You’d think that in 2012 in the heart of the tech world that MUNI could figure out a way to send push messages to riders to let them know when their regularly scheduled bus has been canceled.

    • Just a quick FYI. if you have a smartphone use the MUNI app or go to 511 or the like… or if you have txt msg… OR call 511, it’s automated and free!! (Calling 311 you have to wait for an operator, and it’s costing MUNI money every time you ask for when the next bus is. Another great option if you want to call in, is sign up for MY511 so you can customize your routes… like “home to school” and save your favorite bus stops. Try it!

  3. SFHillRunner: I feel your pain. When I first moved here in ’93, the 67 line was a farce. Had to wait for an hour at times, causing me to worry about losing my job. After much complaining and a petition, we met with then-manager Michael Burns who made it a “must run” and he gave us the direct phone numbers to the two individuals in charge of the Woods Division. That didn’t last and then bingo, back to the same old stuff and the phone lines were disconnected. Now, with the minimalization of the 67 route, there is no option of taking the line going the other way down MIssion. Glad I don’t have to rely on this line any longer.

    • “the 67 line was a farce”… “was”… that made my eyes jump out of my head. I’d hate to know how bad it was then, since I’ve never seen it be anything but a random bus now.

  4. This explains why my daughter, a Lowell student, was leaving for school at what I perceived to be odd times. She kept telling me that the bus was only coming by every 40 minutes or so. That seemed terribly infrequent given the number of riders using it to connect to Mission St. & BART. I wasn’t even aware of these changes, and my daughter had found out only after using the bus during summer vacation, and inquiring with the driver why the bus had been so “late”. We’re always the last to know, it seems. In regard to the bus stop in the middle of the street, the move makes NO SENSE, but making sense is not something the MTA has ever been very good at. As for Micheal’s driveway, I too would be most concerned about liability issues. The fine line between their responsibility and his will only be known if an injury occurs, and at that point, it will be too late. Would speaking to Campos shed some light? And, isn’t the whole bus stop/safety issue a Campos question?

  5. On a related topic, I’ve been trying to advocate for an inbound bus shelter at 30th & Mission for the last two years. The city hearing is finally happening this week, on Wednesday. All interested Bernal dwellers are encouraged to attend. Here are the meeting details:

    City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 400 at 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, August
    29, 2012.

    And here are some of the more significant details around the request:
    • this is one of the most heavily-travelled routes in the city
    • this is such a significant stop on the express line, that MUNI stations a supervisor there every morning, and has already created a bulb-out for passenger loading
    • not only is there already a shelter across the street, but also on all the other corners at 30th except for the inbound Mission side
    • the inbound side is crucial for commuting downtown, and mornings are precisely the time when inbound passengers most need the NextMuni data display in the shelter
    • the sidewalk space available for installation is larger than the space across the street, where a shelter has already been installed

    Thanks in advance for your consideration, and as a side-note to the Crescent folks, Supervisor Campos’ office has been involved, and helped move this application forward.

  6. That video is pretty compelling. I mean, it makes zero sense to have a bus come to a stop at a stop-sign, then stop again just after it when the next few intersections do not compel the bus to stop. Plus, the amount of open space near the new stop won’t allow passengers to get off the back and passengers to get on at the front at the same time without one of those groups having to wind their way around parked cars.

    So very poorly done.

  7. Not only that passengers have to wind their way around parked cars but also if Michael has to use his garage door to load and unload stuff for an extended period of time, then there won’t be access to get on and off the bus period! Feel really bad for Michael and the poor handicapped passengers where it is really difficult to get to the bus. I thought San Francisco was all about enforcing handicapped access! What happened to MUNI. Bad decision by MUNI!!!

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  9. But the video shows the bus stopping at the old stop and not the new stop. Maybe it will stop at the stop sign and then again a half block later in front of the driveway. That would be awesome.

    I’ve taken the 23 off my viable/reliable commute options list. It comes at like 8:10am then not again until 9am. I just walk to Bart now. Lame.

  10. Think of the public service Michael can provide! He can tweet when the 23 passes by, so we’ll all know when it’s coming!

    Seriously, though, the 23 is a huge pain, and having a child who used to use it for her school commute, it was pretty unpredictable. The difficulty of the Aptos/Bernal and Lowell/Bernal run explains why I see so many families DRIVING their teens…

  11. Wow, I wish my MUNI bus stop problems were this simple. I’m on South Van Ness and the 14 Mission now stops in front of my building – at least for another 6 months. We haven’t had a week go by without people waiting for the bus leaving piles of garbage, tagging the building, or pissing on the front gate. This problem seems so minor.

  12. A few years ago, the westbound stop at the corner of crescent and Andover was moved across Andover in from of the Usave market, due to the resident on the corner where the bus had always stopped knowing someone in the city who had it changed.

    Complaints followed, and it was move back to where it belongs. This is what should happen with the current situation.

  13. So the MTA has struck again. Much to our surprise they have stuck a sign on my treepost in front of our house stating that passengers should now load on the bus about 5 feet away from my front door. I am way past WTF, and getting into touch with my baser instincts on this one. We live on the next block up (Andover – Moultrie) and the stop is AGAIN in the middle of the street. I in fact, bought this house knowing there was no bus stop in front of it, so am I now to put up with loiterers hanging out right in front of my home? This coming on the heels of Nassers Market finally being renovated into housing after undergoing several incarnations as a drug dealers front (we had many SWAT raids right in front of our house) and the feeling like things were finally improving. The sign says people should start queueing up next week on the 14th Nov. Please, I’d really appreciate any advice and help from the community, how do we stop this!?

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