Someone Went on a Mini-Rampage Last Night on Cortland

Postitively Cortland

Neighbor Jean says:

I was walking our dog and 7am down Cortland this morning and started seeing all the garbage tossed out of the city garbage cans and random poop bags all around. Then I saw the broken, taped and cardboarded window at Liberty, and a big dump of garbage in front of the New Wheel. Kind of like someone went on a mini rampage last night.

Ew! I anyone has any information about this incident, please contact the SFPD’s Ingleside precinct tip line at (415) 575-4444.

UPDATE: Neighbor Jean follows up: “Looks like some random drunk guy did it all at 3am…they caught him on surveillance, so karma is a bitch, we hope!”

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

It’s Official: Blackberry Season Underway in Bernal Heights

Bernalwood had been keeping the news to ourselves to suppress the competition, but the news is out now that @creativeholley posted the photo above from Bernal Hill. She says she’s “picking blackberries to make jam.” Yum!

Truth be told, Bernalwood’s cub reporter has been harvesting blackberries from our Private Reserve. The neighbors behind us have a blackberry bush, and its thorny tentacles reach over the back fence into our back yard. We do not complain.

PHOTOS: Top, @creativeholley. Below, Telstar Logistics

REMINDER: Win Free Tickets to the Noisette Festival

air guitar ... so what?

Just a quick reminder that deadlines are fast approaching for your opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the Noisette festival as part of Bernalwood’s air guitar photo contest.

So far, photo submissions have been sparse. Which is to say, non-existent. Frankly, I worry this may mean Bernal Heights is full of old farts who would rather sit at home watching DVD re-runs of Lawrence Welk than spend two minutes taking a goofy photo that could win free tickets to a glamorous music and food festival. And that would be shattering to our collective self-image. You know I’m right.

I’ve extended the deadline until Monday, July 30. Send your pics to win two free tix! Dammit!

PHOTO: Air Guitar… So What, by Mia Takahara

A Day in the Life of Bernal Sushi Sensei Tim Archuleta

The foodies over at EaterSF recently went for an all-day ride-along with Bernal’s most glamorous celebrity sushi chef, Tim Archuleta from Ichi Sushi:

7 a.m.: Archuleta arrives bright and early at Pier 45, so he can hand-pick the best fish for the day at ABS Seafood. He runs into Henry Ichinose, the owner, who gives him a walk-through, while talking price and ordering. Archuleta sees a gigantic, deep rose slab of ahi. “Ah. Fresca!” bubbles out of his mouth. “I’ll take a quarter of it,” he says. A man in full apron, boots, gloves, and a warm hat slices through the meaty, rose fish like butter.

7:15 a.m.: Next they move on to the local albacore. Tim unpacks it from ice and inspects it thoroughly. He opens up the gill flaps. “Fresca!” escapes him again. “Look at that red.” Henry explains that not everyone gets to personally select their fish, like Archuleta does. But since they’ve done business together for 15 years, he trusts him to treat his fish right.

7:30 a.m.: After Archuleta is done picking out his AAA grade uni, the old friends joke around—a lot about fish and business, and a few minutes about that one time years ago when someone got caught stealing a case of uni.

8 a.m.: Now that the early chef caught the fish (or something like that), he heads back home to nap.

Follow along for the rest of Chef Tim’s day, right here.

PHOTO: Tim Archuleta, by John Storey via SFGate

Junior Volunteers Spend Saturday Cleaning Up Bernal Hill

Last Saturday, an intrepid group of Bernalwood’s finest micro-citizens climbed Bernal Hill to take part in a volunteer clean-up effort. Neighbor Karen was on the scene, and she filed this report:

A boy name Nico wrote a letter to the Bernal Heights Rec Center recently, saying he worried about animals eating trash on Bernal Hill and “dieing.” So they pulled together a group of about 20 folks to clean and weed last Saturday. The weather was glorious! Such a good way to remind us not to take the hill for granted.

PHOTOS: Neighbor Karen

Bernal Writer Hosts Tasty Event for New Cookbook at Heartfelt, Tomorrow

Neighbor Juliana is a certified member of the Bernalwood Writer Corps, and she’s having an event at Heartfelt tomorrow to discuss her tasty new book, The Lazy Gourmet: Magnificent Meals Made Easy. She says:

I am very excited to be able to share with you, and hopefully my fellow Bernalwood readers, the news of this event that I’m doing at Heartfelt on July 21. I’m an SF native who moved to Bernal about 6 months ago, and of course I already love it and feel right at home.

My coauthor, Robin Donovan, and I will be at Heartfelt (436 Cortland) on Saturday, July 21st at 2pm. We’ll be talking about our cookbook, The Lazy Gourmet, and we’ll bring snacks, too. I’ve been wanting to do a Bernal event ever since my move and can’t wait to meet some more friendly neighbors.

PHOTO: Julliana Gallin (left) and Robin Donovan

Three Properties for Rent Right Now in Bernal Heights

Our real estate-obsessed friends at CurbedSF have taken a close look at three residential units currently available for rent in our fabulous neighborhood. They invite readers to “Join the Bikini Jogger and Bigfoot on the Hills of Bernal Heights:”

It’s quite clear that the San Francisco rental market is hot, hot, hot right now, so here at Curbed we’re going to bring you a bevy of rental properties each week for your perusal — one in each price range for budget, middle-of-the-road, and luxury. Today we look at the Bernal Heights, which is full of whimsy and was embroiled in such controversies as last winters’s bikini jogger phenomenon and this summer’s Bigfoot sighting.

There’s a “budget” apartment on Park Street, a mid-range apartment on Mission near Valencia, and a 3 bedroom house on Manchester. Complete details at CurbedSF.

PHOTO: Apartment for rent at 3207 Mission