Someone Went on a Mini-Rampage Last Night on Cortland

Postitively Cortland

Neighbor Jean says:

I was walking our dog and 7am down Cortland this morning and started seeing all the garbage tossed out of the city garbage cans and random poop bags all around. Then I saw the broken, taped and cardboarded window at Liberty, and a big dump of garbage in front of the New Wheel. Kind of like someone went on a mini rampage last night.

Ew! I anyone has any information about this incident, please contact the SFPD’s Ingleside precinct tip line at (415) 575-4444.

UPDATE: Neighbor Jean follows up: “Looks like some random drunk guy did it all at 3am…they caught him on surveillance, so karma is a bitch, we hope!”

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

5 thoughts on “Someone Went on a Mini-Rampage Last Night on Cortland

  1. Hopefully someone’s security camera caught a glimpse of the perp.. Maybe the ATM camera’s might have caught a glimpse too.

  2. I heard a teenager brag on the phone about breaking the window at Liberty while he was walking past my house near Bennington & Newman at 2:30 AM two nights ago. I went to Cortland to check it out later the next day and saw no damage so I assumed he was just blowing smoke. I did not see him, but I can say definitively that he was at this location at approximately 2:30 AM so I’d assume he did he damage at Liberty probably 5 or so minutes before.

    He was saying that he broke the window because the staff at Liberty “talks shit to his family.”

    I’ll call the precinct in the morning now that I know this actually did happen. Leave it to a teenager to senselessly destroy property belonging to a small business.

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