Re-Create the Excitement of GGB75 (Without Leaving Bernal)

As you might have heard, the Golden Gate Bridge celebrated its 75th anniversary last weekend. Woo-hoo!

Naturally, much of the celebration took place close to the bridge, in the area around Crissy Field. But from our exalted heights here in Bernal, it was possible to take in some of the special events without having to combat all the crowds and congestion along the waterfront.

If you happened to wander up Bernal Hill on Sunday, you might have noticed an unusual ship moored to the east, out on the Bay:

USS Nimitz

It’s the USS Nimitz, a Navy aircraft carrier that made a special cameo appearance in San Francisco to participate in GGB75. As you can see above, the big ship made a fine addition to Bernal Hill’s standard panorama, while reminding us all of decades past, when many Bernal Heights residents worked at the San Francisco Naval Shipyard over in Hunter’s Point.

Of course, the big fireworks show was the highlight of the GGB75 celebration. It took place right around bedtime for Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter, so we stayed inside our North Slope home to watch the colorful clouds of glowing smoke and occasional high-altitude air burst from the safety and comfort of the Cub Reporter’s bedroom. Lucky kid — her room has the best views in the house.

I’m sure the views were even better from atop Bernal Hill, but in case you missed that too, here’s the next best thing: a professionally produced video of the entire fireworks spectacle, complete with the musical soundtrack:

PHOTOS: Top, cellphone pic of GGB fireworks from Bernal Hill, by valjoy9. USS Nimitz by Telstar Logistics

3 thoughts on “Re-Create the Excitement of GGB75 (Without Leaving Bernal)

  1. Thanks for posting. Was out of town this weekend, but enjoyed seeing this very much. The “waterfall” effect was just as I remember it from the 50th GGBridge fireworks show. Had never seen anything like it before, and I was in awe. Glad they repeated such an amazing display.

  2. actual that photo was taken from my bedroom – Sunday Funday meant a few too many libations were consumed – so these Bernalites decided to stay put and enjoy the festivities from the comfort of our home!

  3. The fireworks were spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!! Am so glad I was there. And, it wasn’t really THAT crowded.

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