Photographer Makes 280-101 “Spaghetti Bowl” Look Delicious

The Entry Veins of San Francisco

Photographer Toby Harriman has taken what may well be the definitive photo of the 280-101 Spaghetti Bowl in southeast Bernal. You can see it above: A crisp, long-exposure shot taken last week that animates the flow of traffic in vivid arterial detail.

When I see this photo, I also gain a new appreciation for why “Spaghetti Bowl” is such a perfect name for this interchange. Admittedly, I’m a pastaphile; but to me this picture looks like perfect strands of al dente spaghetti threading through an endless river of tangy marinara sauce. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Toby’s photo triggers a Pavlovian response whenever I look at it. Yum.

Equally delicious, if somewhat less Pavlovian, is the ultra-crisp and sparkly photo Toby took that same night looking north from atop Bernal hill:

Pick Your Route

Really, you must look at the photo in supersize to appreciate how much texture it contains. (HINT: The street in the center of the image is Alabama.) This view is familiar to us all, yet this perspective reveals details you probably have never seen before.

Bravo, Toby, and thanks for sharing your glamorous images with Bernalwood.

PHOTOS: Toby Harriman 

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