New Marijuana Dispensary “Takes Bernal Heights Up A Notch”

Marijuana criticism is not confined solely to droopy-eyed amateurs; Like the rest of the medical marijuana industry, the field has also developed its own cadre of professionals. One such pro, from the East Bay Express’s Legalization Nation blog, recently took note of the soft-launch of the Herbal Mission dispensary on Mission Street, and in an article entitled “New San Francisco Dispensary Herbal Mission Takes Bernal Heights Up A Notch,” the early reviews are in:

Herbal Mission was still working out the opening kinks last last month. Intake was smooth, but the point-of-sale system seemed new to the employees. There’s no art, or music, or flatscreen menu monitors. And they had what we’d call the “dispensary starter pack” of strains: some Girl Scout Cookies, Lemon Haze, GDP, Blackberry Kush, Blue Dream, and about ten other popular names. Herbal Mission had just a smattering of concentrates and edibles, but they’ll likely stock up quick.

For now, they’re happy to finally be open. And we’re happy to see some much-needed competition come to the southern half of San Francisco. Nearby Bernal Heights Collective is groovy but natty by comparison, with passable cannabis at so-so prices, dispensed by often-baked, lackadaisical cashiers.

Also, MissionLocal has a typically thorough article on how Herbal Mission came to be.

PHOTO: MissionLocal

9 thoughts on “New Marijuana Dispensary “Takes Bernal Heights Up A Notch”

  1. Curious about the doctor’s office-sized coffee shop going in up front. Could our neck of the woods be getting a good cup of coffee?

    • It’s going to be ubuntu coffee, according to the sign on the window. Opens next friday? I’m not holding my breath.

  2. While there’s no reason to believe the presence of another dispensary will make the neighborhood less safe, let’s not fool ourselves about who these people are. Just like any business where there’s easy money to be made (gambling, prostutution, drug dealing) there is almost always an organized crime connection. Speak to anyone in the dispensary business and they’ll tell you about protection, all of these dispensaries have SOME kind of “affiliation” whether it be Hells Angels, a Gang, an Eastern European Mafia… Again, I don’t think it’s gonna change the neighborhood one bit, but let’s just be honest about what this is…

  3. Just what District 9 does NOT need – another pot club. Most of the persons coming out of them end up trying to sell their weed on the street. We have enough of that noise that Campos has done nothing to quelch.

  4. Wow. A dispensary goes in and it is automatically linked to the mob? But no mention of the monopoly that Safeway stocks its shelves with? I really think it may be time for us to take another good look at what we consider crime. They are barely open and you are already accusing everyone associated with using medical marijuana is a prostitute or gambler? However, you see such a separation between it and Walgreens a couple blocks away, because they are legally acceptable drug dealers. It is so amazing to me how our views can be altered all depending on PR and public PC-ness… whatever the topic tends to be. Me personally, i am more concerned with how hard it is to find jobs and how many people need public assistance due to the criminal acts of our corporations and government. They are the reasons for any increase in crime if there is any. But who wants to tell their local supermarket or the pharmaceutical company to fuck off…. That wouldnt be very PC.

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