Bernal Celebrity Explains Why You Should Absolutely Definitely Buy Tickets to the Next Pop-Up Magazine, TODAY!

Pop Up Magazine is an innovative event that gives interesting writers, artists, and creative-types the opportunity to tell magazine-style stories in front of a live theater audience. Picture a well-curated collection of TED Talks, but shorter, less formulaic, and vastly more fun.

Pop Up Magazine started at the tiny Brava Theater on 24th Street in 2009, but just three years later it’s already so wildly popular that it’s now held at Davies Symphony Hall. The sixth installment happens on April 25th, 2012, and tickets go on sale today at noon.

Bernal resident and New York Times contributing writer Jon Mooallem will give one of the presentations on the 25th, and he emailed us a nice explanation of what the whole Pop Up Magazine thing is all about:

Pop Up commandments prevent me from saying anything about what I’ll be doing on April 25th, and I’m not allowed to reveal who else is contributing either. I can say that I’ve been part of all five issues so far, and they’ve always been an absolute hoot — enthralling, entertaining, and moving in the most surprising ways. And I’m always stunned and cripplingly intimidated by the cast of talented writers, photographers, filmmakers and radio folks that Pop Up manages to pull together — including, not coincidentally, many Bernal-ites.

At past issues, I’ve talked about the Billy Possum, a short-lived rival to the Teddy Bear; lost wallets that are found decades later; UPS, FedEX and the nature of Buddhism; and a long-ago congressional plan to jumpstart a hippopotamus-ranching industry in America that was infiltrated by spies. I think that’s a pretty good representation of the range of topics overall.

Tickets go on sale Tuesday at 12 noon. For your convenience, emergency sirens around the city will blare to remind you.

Clever touch, that well-timed Tuesday siren.

Run, don’t walk, to your Internet terminal when tickets go on sale today at noon. Buy your tix immediately, because if the past is any guide, this issue of Pop Up Magazine will sell out very quickly.

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