Stealth Aircraft Captured Flying Over Bernal Heights

A planespotter affiliated with the Bernalwood Air Force captured something rather unusual this morning:

Just got back from breakfast with a friend, and we were checking out the city view from my back set of stairs.  To the east we saw a set of contrails heading west, and I speculated they were tourists heading to the bliss of Hawaii.  Just as they reached due south of us, they began to make a turn to the northwest with the second aircraft weaving along the patch of the first one,  Grabbed my Nikon and took a few shots and you can see what did a fly-by of SF.

Let’s zoom and enhance:

And even more:

Wow!  Look at that! There’s only one plane shaped like that: It’s a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, conducting an overflight above Bernalwood. For comparison’s sake, here’s a photo of a B-2 taken during a 2010 airshow:

B-2 from below

All that expensive stealth technology should come in very handy to evade La Lengua’s infamous “Ring of Salsa” defensive grid.

PHOTOS: Above, Bernalwood Air Force Planespotter. B-2 closeup up by Andrew Abernathy

Seating Options Multiply on Bernal Hill

Bernal Chair 2

The east side of Bernal Hill is in full bloom, with abundant native wildflowers, grasses, and invasive radish. This year, there’s also a new addition: at least two wooden chairs have recently sprouted up.

Bernal Chair 1

The two specimens have decidedly different morphologies, but I’m not expert enough to determine if this is due to genetic differences or simply variation due to differing microclimates. (The one in the top picture enjoys some shelter from the wind.) If anyone in Bernal Heights has a background in geo-ergonomics, please feel free to weigh in.

PHOTOS: Jobius

Stop! Runaway Car Collides with Wild Side West

It’s been a bad week for vehicular control here in Bernalwood. Last Saturday we had a car flip over on Precita, while on Wednesday a runaway car bonked into the sidewalk bench at Wild Side West on Cortland. Neighbor Teri tells it:

My friend took the shot. All I heard was that a runaway ghost car parked in front of BofA just slowly rolled across the street and hit that bench. Through the crosswalk!! It was Wednesday around 5:30.

Looks like damage was light and no creatures were injured, but… WHEW!

PHOTO: Neighbor Teri’s anonymous friend

Possibly Bernal’s Best Passive-Aggressive Parking Note, Ever

During a recent visit to the secret workshop of the Bernal Dads Racing Team, I spotted this note tacked to the wall. It had been left under the windshield wiper of one of the Dads’s cars, perhaps in jest — or at least half-jest.

Regardless, it made me laugh out loud, and it is definitely a candidate for nomination as the Best Passive-Aggressive Bernal Heights Parking Note, Ever.

The note says:

Please do not park your dilapidated crapwagon in front of my house. It scares my children and makes the house look better than it actually is.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is perfection — or at least near-perfection.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

Bernal Heights Looks Magical from International Space Station

Fellow Bernalnauts, here is  VERY unusual view of our glamorous neighborhood. This photo was taken two days ago by European astronaut André Kuipers, who is currently living aboard the International Space Station, roughly 224 miles above the summit of Bernal Hill.

The photo was discovered yesterday by an analyst from the Bernal Aeronautics and Space Agency. The full image is stunning, but unfortunately the resolution is… not so much. So when we zoom, crop, and enhance to take a closer look at ourselves, the quality is lacking. Here’s what we see:

PHOTO: André Kuipers via European Space Agency

Sad Foodie Laments Closure of Los Pastores Restaurant

Horror! Neighbor Otto (and friend) are moving through the Kübler-Ross stages of grief and loss, because Los Pastores, the 4.5 star Mexican restaurant on Mission near Cortland, is gone.

Otto mourns:

Los Pastores, the best Mexican restaurant in the ‘hood has closed. It is now becoming the Cave Grill.

Not much known about the Cave Grill yet, but Grubstreet anticipated Otto’s response. They tell us what there is to be told:

A beloved, tiny neighborhood Mexican restaurant, Pastores (3486 Mission Street) in Bernal Heights, has closed, and many a neighbor will be sad to find they can’t get their chilaquiles or chile relleno anymore. Owner Irma Caderon built a loyal following over the past six years for her homey food and reportedly excellent soups and huevos rancheros. She received some early assistance from La Cocina back in 2007, but it appears she may want out of the business — though Grub Street has not yet confirmed if she’s moved on elsewhere. The new owner of the space is Ana Flores, and the new business moving will be called The Cave Grill.

PHOTOS: Neighbor Otto