Sh*t Bernalites Say

Michael Costuros and Kim Iglinsky at the Liberty Cafe in Bernal Heights

Sorry, no video. It’s just a list. But we want to cash in on this whole “Shit BlahBlahBlah Says” meme before it goes supernova and collapses in on itself.  So without further excuses, here is “Shit Bernalites Say,” collected from submissions Bernalwood received via Twitter.

  • “I miss the OLD Moki’s”
  • “St. Mary’s? is that Bernal?”
  • “I’m straight, but I love Wild Side”
  • “Dinner in The Mission? Ugh, that’s too far.”
  • “South slope or north?”
  • “I harvested these blackberries and rosemary from the Hill”
  • “We only buy our children gender-neutral toys.”
  • “Have you seen the coyote?”
  • “We love Bernal Heights, but now that I’m pregnant again, we’re thinking of moving to Orinda.”
  • “The teachers seemed nice, but we’re looking for a preschool that focuses more on Krystyn’s EMOTIONAL needs.”
  • “Was this beef grass-fed?”
  • “I knew her when she was a he.”
  • “Have you seen the bikini jogger?”
  • “I only use mason jars now. *Everything* else has BPA.”
  • “I was vegan until I got pregnant with Jaymee.”
  • “That’s Tom. You know him; he’s Muffin’s owner…”
  • “I really miss the owls.”
  • “Sandbox is the new Tartine.”
  • “Someone stole my succulents!”
  • “They call it maternal heights now!”
  • “We hit it off really well, but unfortunately our dogs weren’t compatible…”
  • “I feel kinda bad saying this, but I sometimes I just don’t know what to *do* with all of the stuff in my CSA box.”
  • “Why can’t I get a burger on Cortland at night?!?!”
BONUS! Shit Mission Hipsters Say About Shit Bernalites Say:
  • “I can’t wait to revive a played out meme!”

Have more suggestions? Add ’em to the comments!

PHOTO: Patrons at the Liberty Cafe, by Thomas Hawk

23 thoughts on “Sh*t Bernalites Say

  1. All I can say is that I am glad the fate of Glen Park, and its lack of Burger Goodness after 1500 hours, is not alone to Glen Park. Bernalwood neighbors, you too shall suffer the lack of tasy grilled beef and gooey American cheeses…

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