13 thoughts on “Bikini Jogger Burns it Up on Bernal Hill

  1. Glad to see her back in action. She rocks. I was afraid we’d scared her off by our collective fandom.

  2. “As a token acknowledgement to the cold weather, the ilusive Bikini-Jogger ties a long-sleeve shirt around her waist.”

    Well, I’ve been running this week, and I’ve largely caved to the cold: wore tights, a headband that warms my ears, and my warmest run-shirt (long sleeves). 34 degrees Tuesday morning… But this girl has got to be tough — to say nothing about core temperature, it is simply unpleasant on the skin!

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  4. I had never heard of the Bikini Runner until today when I was directed to your site from Runners World. I must ask though, how cold was it on that day? And define cold in San Fran terms. I’m from Canada and I would trade for your weather any day. A crazy cold day for me is -42C (-43.6F) with windchill. Your joints become stiff even in a short run and you cant feel a thing!! Although kudos to her commitment regardless of the weather.

  5. This is the most dressed ive ever seen her, the pic doesn’t do her justice! She’s usually with out the shirt around her behind and in the two years i’ve been walking my dogs on the hill, I’ve only seen her in summer sandals, until yesterday when it looked like either slippers or those toe shoes, but this pic is the only time I’m seem her in real shoes or socks!

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