Bernal Aerospace Advances Cutting Edge of Rocket Science

Bernal Aerospace Rocketry

Bernal Aerospace Rocketry

The rocket scientists from the Bernal Aeronautics and Space Administration have been very busy lately, advancing the frontiers of high technology.


One recent BASA initiative, shown above, focused on nighttime rocketry. Advanced light-emitting diodes were used to recover the launched BASA spacecraft, while dark clothing made it possible to elude capture by local law-enforcement.

The Optical Systems Division has also been active, leveraging recent advances in miniaturization to mount video cameras on rockets and record launches from start to finish.

This action-packed video shows a BASA rocket going up, coming down, and almost getting hit by a car while awaiting extraction from the Recovery Team:

Meanwhile, back at Bernalwood’s Editorial Control Room, the Cub Reporter has been busily working on a rocketry project of her own. After several after-dinner nights of painting, gluing, and careful decal application, we are proud to unveil the Precita One, our debut launch platform:

Precita One

The maiden flight of Precita One is scheduled for this weekend, at BASA’s top-secret launch facility. Our engineers have just received a new shipment of rocket motors, and the team is ready to fly!

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9 thoughts on “Bernal Aerospace Advances Cutting Edge of Rocket Science

  1. This is an impressive report. I love the night time still shots, LOVE the camera-mounted-rocket blast-off video (and thrilling near miss by an obviously Soviet dispatched car). And love the decoration to “PRECITA ONE” which includes governmental agency and Hello Kitty motifs.

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  3. I built and launched tons of rockets over the years with my dad and older brother — kind of shocked to learn now (as I’m starting to build some rockets with my 6yo) that the only federally approved way to launch is at a LUNAR event at Moffet Field or out in Stockton?!? When I was a kid we just walked over to the baseball diamond at the high school …

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  5. My son seems to be quite a bit older than the ones’ pictured but he would love to see this. Seeing that this takes place at the park in our hood, can you let me know when you have the next one scheduled?

  6. We did this as kids. Then we I tried to do it in Davis with my sons at the park we were told of a huge fine for launching rockets. I guess the fire danger is greater in California, hence the additional rules and fines. Check your local listings before launch…

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