Cops Bust Bernal Bike Burglar


The SFPD has adopted a new strategy in the War on Bicycle Theft: The cops search for pilfered bikes amid the stolen merchandise offered for sale around Sixth/Mission in SoMa, then try to trace the stolen bikes back to burglary or theft reports from other neighborhoods around the City.

This week, the strategy paid off — leading to the arrest of a Bernal Heights bicycle thief. Mike Adax of the SF Examiner got the story:

The victim, an Anza Vista resident, found his stolen bicycle listed for sale on the Internet and called police. The listing led police to a pawn shop in the first block of Sixth Street in the South of Market district.

Police then learned that a 46-year-old Bernal Heights man had pawned the bicycle the day after he allegedly stole it on Aug. 16, Park Station police said.

On Saturday, police went to the Bernal Heights man’s home, but did not find their man. Instead they arrested another occupant on a felony warrant.

The following day, the suspected bike thief called police on his own, admitted to the burglary and was later arrested at his home and charged with stolen property and first-degree burglary, police said.

PHOTO: Bike in Bernal Heights, by juicyrai

4 thoughts on “Cops Bust Bernal Bike Burglar

  1. As someone who had two bikes stolen in the last year, it is nice to hear that the police are actually trying to do something about the problem. Thanks for the reporting.

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