Video from Leonard Flynn Elementary School Wins $15,000 Top Prize

Here’s some amazing news: Remember that video we posted from Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School?

Local Bernal elementary school, Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School (just off Precita Park) is a finalist in the Coupon Cabin’s arts grant contest.

Our YouTube video has garnered almost 1,000 views and could use a boost from Bernal neighbors. Views, “likes,” and comments are 25% of the judging for the $5k, $10k, or $15k award to be used for art and music programming at this local gem of an elementary school.

We have until September 18 to rally around the video and win the award for our programs.

Well, hot damn, Leonard Flynn School up and WON top prize in the competition! Reader Teresa sent an update today:

Just wanted to let you know that thanks to Bernalwood (among others) Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School won the grand prize grant! The full $15,000 bucks in the Coupon Cabin arts grant contest!

Bernal will benefit greatly from these funds as it goes directly to helping our kids’ education in the arts.

Spectacular. Nicely done, people. Nicely done. Goooooo BERNAL!

Bernalwood Cheerleaders


6 thoughts on “Video from Leonard Flynn Elementary School Wins $15,000 Top Prize

  1. Good stuff! This $15k grant will go a long way at Flynn. I can’t recall the exact number, but I recently read a list of how much $ each public elementary school in SF raises each year, and the very top schools were in the half-million dollar range while Flynn was somewhere in the tens of thousands. I’m going to be touring several elementary schools in the near future and it will be interesting to see the differences…

  2. Tony T., Flynn is set to raise an excess of 100K this year. I don’t know whether the grant will go towards the budget and goals set at the beginning of the school year or if this is gravy.

  3. Good job, Flynn parents! I like your resourcefulness. Looking forward to the tour.

    As an aside, it would be great to hear from parents at Serra and Paul Revere sometime. I’m on the Serra PTA email list since we live nearby and are interested in its progress, and I have been extremely impressed with the resourcefulness, creativity, and dedication of those parents as well. Looking forward to that tour, too!

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