SF Giants Street Art Appears on Bernal Heights Home

Get Up Art

Get Up Art

Mathematically, the Giants aren’t out of playoff contention — not yet, at least. But come what may, there will be one very happy Giants fan on a remote section of Elsie Street, because he just “commissioned” a very cool piece of street art on the side of his house that will be there long after the 2011 season has come and gone. Neighbor Steve explains:

I saw the Brian Wilson stencil created by Get Up in the Mission (Valencia and 19th, roughly?) and loved it.  I’m a fan of street art in general and stencil art in particular, and I’m a big Giants fan.  So it seemed natural to try to figure out who put it up (sometimes of course that’s a challenge, as street artists want to remain anonymous).

A quick Google or two later, and I’d found Get Up, who has a Facebook page.  I asked him by email if he was making T shirts of the image (which he was – he sold some over on Fillmore this weekend).  In the course of that email exchange, he mentioned that he was headed out to put some more art up that evening.  I jokingly suggested he tag the open, south facing wall of my house (which faces a small empty lot).  The next thing you know, he says as long as it’s ok with me he’d love to!

My only stipulation was that he do it as if it were a real tag – wherever he wanted to, and by the dark of night.  I left him a can of housepaint to touch up the wall at his request.  And this morning, voila!  (I paypaled him some dough to cover his supplies and whatnot, of course).

So it’s a great image that captures my love of street art, the Giants, the quirkiness of Bernal, and since I’d just returned from Burning Man it seemed like a nice way to decorate the neighborhood.

Now, we’ll see how the people on my block feel about it, I expect there will be some feedback…

Oh, and Get Up has a show coming up at Gamma Space in Oakland on the 16th, this Friday.


The stencil! It is spreading!! Two more Bernal homes got the treatment this week.

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30 thoughts on “SF Giants Street Art Appears on Bernal Heights Home

  1. Thanks to Get Up, who’s a talented guy – don’t forget to check out his FB page, as well as his show over in Oakland tomorrow evening!

  2. I absolutely love this!! Bernalwoodians are absolutely amazing and open minded, too! Now I’m off to check out Get Up’s FB page…

    • No, it’s called street art, and it is art, and besides, this piece was done by invitation.

      But while we’re on the subject of nomenclature and proper names: We may have to start calling you Crankypants. I say that with affection and some appreciation, but just sayin’.

  3. Love it! Welcome to the neighborhood, Get Up! Please make your next canvas be that godawful Lowe’s wall on Bayshore at the end of Cortland.

  4. Steve (and Get Up) – we are the neighbors on the other side of the vacant lot and are enjoying the brian Wilson street art. It is more subtle than photos suggest. Trashy is not a word I would use to describe the art, our “remote” block of Elsie, or bernal. Thanks to steve and get up for making the neighborhood and the big brown wall more lively.

    • Glad you like it! I was hoping… And it’s not quite as crazed as Joel’s Green Monster.

      I just met Get Up at his opening in Oakland and he’s a mensch.

  5. I don’t really care what you call me. How many would enjoy living next to that piece of graffiti ( sports theme no less) and having to look at it every day?
    Calling it street art is just another dumbing down of society; accepting urban behavior that one time was considered junk as to now being “normal”. We have come to accept homeless drug addicts on our sidewalks (just walk around them), we have come to accept dirty streets, we have come to accept parking cars on sidewalks, paving over front yards.

    Sad, but this is part of the dumbing down of San Francisco. And, in my opinion, this piece of “street art” is the same thing. Tell me why you would never see this sort of urban graffiti in Pacific Heights or on outer Broadway? Why? because they respect their neighborhood and won’t put up with trash. Hate me all you want. It’s my point of view.

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