Pilfered Veggies Prompt Padlock on Community Garden

This just in, from the Department of Really Uncool. Neighbor Jamie says:

I am a member of the Bernal Heights community garden at the very top of the south side of Folsom Street. I am sorry to report that a number of gardeners in our garden have had their veggies stolen from their plots over the last few weeks. Most recently a gardener caught two women harvesting her beans at 7am earlier this week! While we all hate to do it, this means we are going to have to place a lock on the gate to the garden.

The trilingual shaming on the sign is a wise touch.

PHOTO: Neighbor Jamie

6 thoughts on “Pilfered Veggies Prompt Padlock on Community Garden

  1. That letter says the garden is for the whole community to enjoy. It seems that is exactly what is happening. The ladies picking the veggies are enjoying the garden. (was that funny? It sounds funny in my head, anyway)

    Maybe they were broke and starving?

    I understand being annoyed by this if you plan to really harvest and eat everything you plant, but my experience with my tiny back yard garden is that most of the produce goes to waste. Kudos to you gardeners who find a way to use it all!

    What if, instead of locking up the garden, you make a space for the produce you want to share with others (if any)? Ala free farm stand down in the mission?

    • I had the sane thought, Nina. Members of the community, enjoying beans. Ps, my landlady never gets to harvest her own tomatoes, someone always snatches them up. Life in the big city, I guess.

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