14 thoughts on “The Argument for the Eugenia Funicular

  1. Living at the eastern terminus of the proposed Eugenia Funicular as I do, I heartily support this project, as long as I am permitted to have a hot dog and souvenir stand in front of my house to refresh the many tourists and tired commuters I anticipate.

    We should get this as a consolation prize for the nixing of our half-billion dollar Mission/30th BART stop.

  2. yeah, you’re a complainer… and a visionary. But why stop at Winfield? And forget Eugenia, run the funicular all the way up to the park, through the series of public stairs and sliding boards that connects to Esmeralda and the Winfield steps to the best view in the city. Dogs fly free. Now you’re talkin.

  3. There are some important urban-planning and geopolitical considerations here. One, why not connect it directly to the 30th Street BART? Two, will it seamlessly integrate in winter with the Stoneman Chairlift? Three, will it be protected from terrorist activity (perpetrated by known separatist rebels) by the Bernalwood Air Force?

  4. I’ve just found out that my dog is trying to rally his pals to oppose this! He thinks for some reason he’d miss out on serious hill-climbing walks. I tried to explain to him about the work commute/trudge, but he refuses to listen…

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