Last Night I Visited the Silver Crest Bar

Silver Crest

Silver Crest

Silver Crest

Hoo boy. Last night I gathered with a bunch of fellas for a hearty dinner at The (New) Old Clam House. The gents loved the food, and the drink flowed freely, but when dinner was done, one of our men looked across Bayshore at the shimmering neon martini glass floating above the Silver Crest. “Anyone up for just one more?” he asked.

And so we went. Yes, we entered the mysterious Silver Crest!

Inside we found four or five regulars hunched over the bar, a pool table, a battered jukebox, and a strong smell of cleaning agents permeating the air. A few of the regulars looked pretty buzzed, but they warmed to us soon enough. One of my friends took to the jukebox, where he found a collection of singles dominated by hits from the 1980s. (His first selection: “Miami Vice Theme.”)

Silver Crest

The pool table costs only $0.25 a game, and the drinks poured by George, the owner, were generous and stiff. Eventually, and inevitably, George began cheerfully pouring glasses of Ouzo, which were used to wash down several large donuts procured from the diner side of the joint.

It was a surreal and otherworldly experience, in a Quentin Tarantino sort of way, and a very good time was had by all. One of our number was heard to say, “The Silver Crest is AWESOME!” I’m not sure I’d go quite that far, but it was very fun. Plus, we’ve now notched one-half of the Silver Crest experience: Late night. Still to come is a daytime/breakfast excursion, but we’lll try to organize that soon with the Bernalwood Explorer’s Club.

In the meantime, though, I heartily recommend this excellent profile of the Silver Crest written in 2009 by Bernal Heights writer Chris Colin.

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7 thoughts on “Last Night I Visited the Silver Crest Bar

  1. It’s that chemical smell that is actually the main complaint that I have with the joint. To me it always smells like weed killer or roach spray more than it smells like cleaning products.

  2. I had a pretty solid breakfast there once, aseptic smell aside. Thanks for the reminder about the bar– that is definitely one to add to the “let’s try something new” list!

  3. Thanks for finally doing what we have all thought about doing a thousand times! I’m with Smurf… thanks to you I’ve added it to my list!

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