Closing Time for Pizza Express on Cortland?

Reader Angel (aka @TheAnorexicSumo) snapped this photo for us; it’s a property listing for 919-921 Cortland, advertising both the residential unit upstairs and the restaurant space downstair, with a “month-to-month lease.” (Online listing here.) Thing is, however… that restaurant space is currently occupied by Pizza Express. So does that mean Pizza Express will soon face extinction?

If so, alas, I can only shrug indifferently. The folks at Pizza Express are friendly and the vibe inside is old skool, but in my taste tests the pizza itself has been undistinguished — with overinflated dough and underflavored sauce. Others may differ, of course, but I grew up in New Jersey, so take that for what you will.

PHOTO: TheAnorexicSumo

19 thoughts on “Closing Time for Pizza Express on Cortland?

  1. Curious what will happen to that side of Cortland.

    – The Site of Maggie Mudd is vacant
    – Dan’s Cleaners moved a few doors down
    – Now, Pizza Express will face change…?

    I do hope someone buys the business and, er, improves the pizza. I can’t wish them ill in any way, but I have not found the pizza to be likable.

  2. the property’s for sale, so it’s a selling point that the restaurant has no long-term lease. I suppose a new owner could decide to keep the restaurant in there, though.

  3. I saw that Little Nepal had a “change of ownership” sign in the window some weeks back and now I know why. Same owner as Pizza Express and I think they lived upstairs from the restaurant- sad that he died as he was relatively young. My condolences to his family.

  4. I interviewed a cop downtown a few years ago–don’t remember who it was or what the story was– but we made small talk beforehand, I mentioned I lived in Bernal, and he got really excited and nostalgic, especially about Pizza Express. He grew up in the neighborhood, said they gave him his first job as a teenager. I rarely eat there, but I always felt warmly towards them after that.

  5. Because I’m a nosy neighbor – any idea about how/why the owner died? How do you know Pizza Express and Little Nepal are the same owner?
    There seems to be a trend of restaurant owners on Cortland dying young.

    • I had spoken to the owner of Little Nepal in the past – it was kind of a big deal when they opened as they had sunk a ton of money into the place and his family helped run the place at first and they were very friendly – and found that while LN was doing alright initially business went down over the years and he said the pizza place was more profitable and he may have been thinking of closing LN to focus on the pizza place (which saddened me as I dug LN but share this group’s dislike of the pizza).

      • I don’t get how Little Nepal could be so good and Pizza Express so bad. Or maybe it makes perfect sense, I don’t know… but I would NEVER have accepted that the two shared ownership if I didn’t have so much faith in the Bernalwood grapevine.

  6. That’s why the pizza turned into crap. The owner passed and no one cared. I called Little Nepal @4:00 Saturday to get some appetizers, but some “sleepy” fellow answered and told me to call back later. So much for LN doing anything to keep its business going.

  7. I wish I had a decent idea for a retail business. I’d buy that property in a heartbeat and live “above the shop.”

    Alas, I must echo the previous comments about the pizza. Every pizza I ordered from there led to a rather, um, distressing post-meal experience. Maybe we can persuade Little Star to open a location there. Or Gialina.

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