Vandal Ruins Emmy’s New Art; Citizen Helps Capture the Culprit

 Okay, this is really sad.

In a brazen, daylight attack, some wacko dude defaced the new street art installed on the side of Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack. The pieces had been commissioned by Emmy herself, apparently, but on Monday morning the murals were attacked by a vandal armed with a can of white spraypaint.

Here’s what they looked like last week, BEFORE the vandal attacked:

Street Art by Haculla

So, that’s the bad news. The good news is, a Bernalwood reader caught the vandal in action:

Our tipster writes:

I was walking past Emmy’s about 9:50 this morning and saw this guy brazenly defacing the new artwork in broad daylight.  I didn’t confront him (I had my 20 month-old daughter strapped to my back; not sure if I would have otherwise), but I took his picture and called the police with a description.

And even better news: The SFPD got the guy. Bernalwood is told he was a regular patron at Emmy’s, and may be struggling with some sort of substance-induced loose screw or some such, but the belief is that the defacement was not an act of malice.

Still, really sad. Fingers crossed that the Emmy can restore the piece or secure a worthy replacement.

PHOTOS: Bernalwood Intelligence Agency

Off the Hill: Best Cheap Eats in the Mission, Carnival Parade on Sunday, Beach Chalet Blues, and a Market Street Makeover

It’s time for Bernalwood’s Friday buffet of warmed-over nibbles from around The City:

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PHOTO: Carnival 2009 in the Mission, by Telstar Logsitics

Indie Rock Star or Bernal Heights Civilian?

An analysis of the photos from that recent Bernal Hill video shoot by The Cool Ghouls and some other pictures in the Bernalwood Flickr Group prompted an important insight: Bernal Hill can make anyone look like an indie rock star.

Consider: The photo above shows The Cool Ghouls, a San Francisco music group. The Cool Ghouls have a myspace page, which means they are ACTUAL indie rock stars.

Now, for comparison’s sake, consider that all the people shown below are NOT indie rock stars (as far as we know) — but they look like it anyway.

Bernal Heights

bernal heights park II


Sophie Isabelle Iribarren

A Hollywood Moment at Avedano’s

old neon
Roll cameras! Lights! Quiet on the set! Aaaaaannnd ACTION!

Reader Otto of the Bernalwood Intelligence Agency wrote in to report that a fancy-schmancy camera crew was filming on location at the fancy-schmancy Avedano’s butcher shop last night:

I just walked by Avedano’s Meats, 235 Cortland, and there is a film crew there, right now, well 5:40pm or so. Sign outside says “you agree to be filmed…” for The Cooking Channel/Lion Television. There is a rental RV parked out front with production people lounging around. The nice lady at the corner shop next door says it is a London-based cooking show, they are filming all over town, they were filming in Chinatown earlier today, and they’ve been at Avedano’s for a while. That’s all I know – pretty exciting stuff, eh?

Yes! But then again, perhaps we should be used to this sort of thing by now, with so many food celebrities setting up shop our neighborhood, eh?

PHOTO: Gail Williams