On Good Friday, Jesus Was Crucified on Bernal Hill

This Foursquare check-in from Brian Wong on Friday night certainly got my attention:

Jesus is being crucified on bernal hill (@ Bernal Heights Park)

Brian’s photo, shown above, was a real eye-catcher as well.

Meanwhile, according to reader Roger, the reenactment took place the corner of Folsom and Ripley, on the north side of the park.

He writes:

It was pretty epic. According to my neighbor (40 years on corner of Folsom/Ripley) it has been going on for years but typically happens in the early afternoon. After doing some digging, I discovered it was not St. Anthony’s but another church from down on the flats.

Apart from being rather graphic, he reports that it was also unquiet, with loudspeakers carrying chants of Latin and Spanish prayers. Very intense.

PHOTOS: Top, Brian Wong. Below, reader Roger.

Want a Tree in Front of Your South Bernal Home?

boss & youth clearing root crown 1

The green-thumbs at Friends of the Urban Forest are on one of their tree-planting sprees. If you live in South Bernal, and want to get a tree planted (for cheeeeep!) in front of your home, here’s the tip:

Friends of the Urban Forest is working to get enough commitments to plant trees to enable us to have a tree planting in South Bernal Heights neighborhood and in almost every other area of the City.

When we get up to 30 trees committed by property owners we’ll be able to schedule a community tree planting. Your neighborhood currently has 8 trees signed up to plant. Can you help create the necessary demand? In so doing you will create a legacy right here in our “front yards” — one that can be enjoyed by yourself and the children and grandchildren of the neighborhood. And at just $75 for the tree and periodic maintenance for 3 years the price is a real bargain.

Research shows that trees increase property values, help the environment and improve our quality of life in many ways. So please plant a tree in front of your house or talk with neighbors or local business about planting one (or two) in front of their property! If you know the owner of a site that could plant several trees please let me know — we would love to help them start reaping the benefits of having trees. Plantings are fun and literally bring neighborhoods together.

What FUF Offers:

Our $75 tree planting package includes:
– Concrete Removal (if needed)
– Tree and periodic maintenance for 3 years
– Tree planting (as part of a community planting)
– Staking/Support
– Permit

For more information contact me:

Doug Lybeck
Friends of the Urban Forest
Community Outreach Manager
415-268-0773 or douglybeck@FUF.net

PHOTO: A 2008 tree-planting in Bernalwood, by Friends of the Urban Forest 

Yum! Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of 331 Cortland

331 Cortland
True confession: It took me a while to clue in to what’s going on at the 331 Cortland food market. It’s basically six gourmet kiosks congregated under one roof, but there’s more to the concept than just fancy food; 331 Cortland also acts as a kind of incubator for budding food entrepreneurs who want to get a start in the business with lower risk and relatively lower cost. They build their businesses, and we get to taste the R&D. Very cool.

331 Cortland is marking its First Anniversary this week, and you can join the celebration during an open house party on Friday evening, April 22, from 6 to 9 pm. There will also be a series of classes and presentations on Saturday the 23rd, beginning at 12 noon. Check out the complete schedule.

Meanwhile, Tablehopper brings a tasty status report on the 331 Cortland Class of 2011:

The one-year mark comes with some changes too as both El Porteño Empanadas and ICHI Sushi are ready to move on from the small business incubator site. El Porteño will focus on expanding their market presence at the Ferry Building and in Whole Foods Markets, while ICHI is busy with their new sushi bar.

Within the space, Paulie’s Pickling and Bernal Cutlery will be expanding their kiosks. Bernal Cutlery plans to offer a larger inventory of knives, and Paulie’s Pickling will increase their sandwich offerings (they’ve already grown from 4 to 12 sandwiches, including “Bernalogna” and beef brisket) and will add new items, like cookies from Debbie Does Dinner and rugelach from Black Jet Bakery. By the way, you can also nab Paulie’s pickles at Whole Foods Market on Haight, Home Restaurant, Smoke BBQ, Lilah Belle’s, The Liberty Café, and a couple local bars (The Dogpatch Saloon, Marlena’s, Stray Bar, and Wild Side West).

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

Hide Your iPhone, Hide Your Car: The SFPD’s Bernal Crime Summary


What?! You couldn’t make it to the community meeting at the San Francisco Police Department’s Ingleside Station on Tuesday night to get some facetime with Captain Louis Cassanego? Lucky for you, reader Sarah attended… and she took some excellent notes. Here’s her invaluable summary of Captain Cassanego’s Bernal Heights crime report:

Notes from Community Meeting at Ingleside, 4/19/11

– There was a sexual assault in Crocker-Amazon Park around 4:30 on 4/1. An arrest has been made.

– They are still seeing lots of thefts of iPhones and iPods around Glen Park and Balboa Park BART stations. They have plainclothes officers at each station to try to catch the folks involved in this. Asian females seem to be common targets of the thieves. They think the people involved are from outside SF. Thieves can get $200 for an iPhone, so when you are using email or talking on your phone, it’s as if you were waving $200 around. Also, of course, you are distracted and more easily victimized. (The stolen phones are apparently often sold at 7th and Market, where there is a robust black market.)

– They are also seeing thefts on MUNI in which a thief grabs a victim’s purse /backpack/bag right as they are exiting through the back door of the bus.

– Burglaries are slightly down for the year. But 50% are front-door entry, meaning observant neighbors are especially essential.

– Auto thefts are high and trending up. Shaved keys can get a thief into a car in seconds, especially 1990s Toyotas, Nissans, Hondas, and Acuras. Steering-wheel clubs strongly advised.

– Car break-ins are up 44% on the year. The most heavily targeted areas are Precita Park, Glen Park, Noe Valley, and Miraloma Park. Sparkplug chips can silently break glass, and thieves like quiet, winding streets where they can hear a police car coming blocks away. In one-third of break-ins, nothing is taken (because there is nothing to take).

– The fire at 3214 Mission on 4/6 was started by a cigarette and fed by the high winds that day.

– Police arrested a 14-year-old male in possession of an assault weapon on 4/18/11 – he was seen at 30th and San Jose behind the Safeway, and numerous people called 911. They now think he was also behind a recent robbery in which a similar weapon was used (Kel Tec 223, which is like an M-16).

I asked about Sergeant Miller, and he is returning to Ingleside in the next two weeks.

– I asked about the recent shooting on Holly Park at Appleton (a man was shot in his car around 6:30pm). They are looking into a drug deal gone bad and/or a gang connection. He couldn’t say much more about it at this time because the investigation is ongoing.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

Coming Soon(er): Construction Begins at Precita Park Cafe

Precita Park Plywood Cafe

As Bernalwood reported earlier, it looks like the renovation of the storefront that will soon become the Precita Park Cafe has finally started at the corner of Precita and Alabama. The plywood is up, construction has started, and we assume all sorts of magic is happening inside.

On a related note, I ran into the always-affable Charlie from Charlie’s Cafe (on the Folsom side of Precita Park) last night while I was taking the photo above. We got to talking about how the Precita Park Cafe might fare, and if it will make Precita Park itself a more sexy and glamorous destination. Time will tell, of course, but I certainly hope that a rising tide will lift all boats.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics