Anti-Obama Provocateurs Crave Attention on Cortland

A merchant on Cortland sent along this photo taken a few minutes ago, adding:

I asked him to leave and he called me a fat assed bigot LOL! It is causing a kerfuffle.

Charming! The poster itself is an unsubtle piece of propaganda created by the same nut-job political organization that was involved in a recent altercation in the Lower Haight.

The natives on Cortland are apparently feeling rather tense about all this, so as Vladmir Lenin put it, “What is to be done?”

As is the case with most attention-starved provocateurs, the most withering thing one could possibly do is ignore the wackos entirely. One source who’s dealt with this particular group suggests:

The thing that bugs these folks most is confrontation.
The thing they hate is to be ignored.
The best thing is if a person stood 10 feet away holding a sign that says “Ignore Them.”

15 thoughts on “Anti-Obama Provocateurs Crave Attention on Cortland

  1. Gaaaah! I just drove past these idiots. I am very tempted to confront them, of course. Maybe I could ask them which people Obama is trying to exterminate and where he’s got his gas chambers.

  2. Just ask them if they’re planning on doing a full-on Jonestown routine once Lyndon finally kicks it. The dude is 89 years old, so they really need to start thinking about this.

  3. Ugh, saw them out on in the inner Richmond last week. Like the Nazis from which they descend, they hate to be ignored. And the idea of them calling anyone a biggot is almost funny. It’s hard not to confront them as they dirty our Bernal bubble, but I do think it best to Ignore them.

    Now, what to do about the anti-choice protesters who are defiling the San Francisco Health Center at 1650 Valencia? They’ve escalated their efforts from a few people huddled in the cold with pathetic posterboard signs to a car topped with hideous photos right in front of the entrance. What does this do to people seeking services there? Do we need to organize escorts into the clinic? Anyone up for a counterprotest?

  4. Lets ask the owners of Lotus Garden to set up a food cart outside the planned parent hood door – then there would be no room for the protestors. Two birds, one stone!

  5. So much for “ignore them”.
    Someone just got a fat bonus for successful provocation.

    Talking about “fat”: Can we assume the fat ass mentioned by the merchant belongs to the owner of Hardfelt?

  6. I went by around 5, 5:30, and there was a police officer in a patrol car sitting watching. They had a few angry locals (guessing) around them, and I took (from a respectful distance of 10 ft or so) a little video, and the woman said I did not have a right to do that. I politely said I did.

    After a few more minutes of people yelling, and the Obama-Hittler-signists singing (??) the police officer asked them to break down their stand for obstructing the sidewalk. They attempted to ignore what she was saying, but she ultimately said they should break it down now. They could stand on the corner and talk, or collect signatures, or whatever, but their stand was a sidewalk obstruction which requires a permit. At that, they actually said that they were done and it happened to be the time of day they intended to quit.

    If they come back, I suggest calling in the “sidewalk obstruction” complaint.

    Re: the clinic on Valencia, I have told the protesters there that I will make a donation every single time I walk by and they are there. And then I do it. It’s not a huge donation– I picked an amount I could afford to spend multiple times (and truth is, I haven’t had time to go everywhere on foot from Bernal) but the main protesters there recognize me, and when I go by, I donate, and thank them (the protesters) for inspiring me to give. If you can afford to do that, do that!

    • I like your idea, peephole, I will do the same. But unlike the rest of the nutjob sign-wavers who visit our fair bubble, they’re standing in front of a health clinic that provides a variety of needed services, with at least partly the intention of shaming people who use those services. Are they discouraging people from seeking care? I tried to call them to find out, but they are “experiencing high call volume” and I couldn’t hold long enough to ask.

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