How a Driver of the Muni 67 Bernal Bus Found the Light

67 UphillOur friends at the ever-excellent Muni Diaries today bring a lovely little tale about the driver of a 67 Muni bus who explained how he came to embrace God and Life in the Slow Lane:

“So back when I was a teen, I used to always drive really fast. I’m talkin’ stupid fast, OK? I had a sports car, and I would take that thing up to maybe 120 sometimes on the freeway,” [says the 67 Muni bus driver].

The passengers sitting near me begin shifting their eyes in the driver’s direction, with concerned looks on their faces.

“So this one night at like 2 in the morning I’m speeding down the freeway and I hear a voice in my head.”

Slow down. Stop.

“I say to myself, that’s ridiculous, why should I stop? This is an empty freeway, it’s 2 in the morning. Ain’t no one out here. And then I hear the voice again.”

Slow down. Stop. There’s a car up ahead.

“So I hit my brakes and stop. And sure enough right in front of me there’s a car that’s been in an accident. Its headlights are shut off, and it’s sideways across the freeway. I came so close to driving straight into it!”

“Wow,” the woman says.

“So I’m stopped there on the freeway and I’m in shock, and I’m asking, how can this be? How can this be? And I started crying right there. God saved me! God saved my life that day. And so then I decided I would stop driving so stupid fast, and I would become a bus driver to take people places and keep them safe.”

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

6 thoughts on “How a Driver of the Muni 67 Bernal Bus Found the Light

  1. I wish God would quit telling the 67 drivers to slow down, leave for their routes late, stop for a nap, etc.

    Forgive me for not even being able to muster up a positive comment. I might find this story slightly endearing if the 67 weren’t the most horrible bus I’ve ever had to use for my commute.

  2. I find this story to be very positive, and it puts a human face to at least one Muni driver. I wish there were more like it.
    As for WJ’s comment – if you can’t find something nice to say, why bother to post here? There are other places more suited to your comments.

    • Why shouldn’t I be able to voice frustration about the bus that serves my neighborhood? I hope the next time the owner of this blog makes a critical post you’ll chime in with your “if you can’t say anything nice” rhetoric.

      I think it would do the driver some good to put the book down when he’s supposed to be driving a bus. If his god was really telling him to become a bus driver to keep people safe, maybe he’d be reading the Bible during his multiple 10 minutes breaks between routes instead of at stoplights in the mission.

  3. I know at least 2 of the 67 drivers that are very cool! You can rip the drivers but they have a hard job, some do it well and some are total f*ckups

  4. WJ, your comment made me laugh. We are all free to post our opinions, thoughts, etc. and leave it up to the moderators to decide what is inflammatory. Blogs are not just for “nice postings”!!!

    The other night I was trying to hail a cab at 24th and Mission for close to a half hour. There was a phantom dark bus parked at the stop. I was waiting at the stop with about 12 other people. We all sat there for 15 mins. When the bus started and the lights went on, I just started laughing when I saw it was the 67. I let it pick up the other passengers and called a friend to come pick me up.

  5. It wasn’t god, it was Obi-wan Kenobi … remember when Obi-wan said “run, Luke, run”? or “Luke, go to Dagobah”

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