Is Bernal’s Microwave Tower a Sutro Tower Wannabe?

Little Wannabe

I’d never noticed it before, but in this rare “twin tower” perspective taken from the southeast, it seems pretty clear that Bernal’s humble microwave tower has something of a “Mini-Me” relationship with the almighty Sutro Tower.

Which in turn makes me wonder… has anyone ever gotten a Bernal Microwave Tower tattoo?

Photo: Telstar Logistics

9 thoughts on “Is Bernal’s Microwave Tower a Sutro Tower Wannabe?

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  5. With Sutro tower so big and dominant, is there a need for little Bernal Tower? Seems like the peak of Bernal would be much better served with a community inspired renovation. Anyone know if something like that is in the works?

  6. The Bernal Heights tower was originally owned by AT&T Long Lines, and supported several pairs of large (10′ tall) horn type microwave antennas serving long distance telephone and television services. It had links to the north (San Rafael), east (East Bay Hills, Mt Diablo), and south (Woodside). It is in a prime location for wireless services, and is likely to be in service for many years to come.

    Sutro Tower was built primarily for television and radio broadcast service.

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