Parking Problem on Prospect Prompts Poignant Post About Proper Notification Procedure (and a Not-Nice Neighbor)

Bad Parking

There’s been a parking problem on Prospect Street this week which highlights a few of the themes we’ve touched on recently here at Bernalwood; namely, The Essence of Neighborliness, and the Fine Line Between Engaged Activism and NIMBY Narcissism.

This note was posted yesterday on the Bernalheights mailing list, and is reprinted in its entirety here by permission:

Subject: I’m pretty bummed at some Bernal “Neighbours” this Holiday
Date:     December 27, 2010 1:02:54 PM PST

I just placed my third phone call to yet another very grateful neighbour whose car has been tagged on the 100 Block of Prospect for towing, despite a note that they were happy to have someone move the car while they were visiting relatives for the holidays. In each case, the cars have been moved within hours.

My understanding is that all taggings are the result of a neighbour specifically calling the license plate number into DPT.

Really, neighbour, is it easier to deal with 311 and smack a fellow resident with a 90-dollar fine than it is to place a simple phonecall to a human being and say, “Yes, I need you to move your car, please?” (Though I would love to hear your reason for needing these cars moved so desperately, as they aren’t even on the side of the street that’s got homes on it, so it’s not like they are blocking your driveway.)

It would seem we’ve got a neighbour who has added “checking cars for movement like a hawk” to their Holiday to-do list, as these cars are getting tagged so fast that I swear I’ve never even seen some of them before they turn up with a tag on ’em- and my front window overlooks them all. In fact, I woke to a start this morning realizing I hadn’t had reason to leave the house since Christmas eve, and worried that maybe mine was already gone. This is just silly. It’s the holidays! Even people who are at HOME aren’t driving around every day.

Also, it makes our street look super junky and like it’s a dumping ground when you come home to 5 perfectly cared-for, non-abandoned cars chalked to all hell with WARNING notices taped to the windshield. It’s just an eyesore.

So, neighbours, can we talk this through? Can we find a way to work this out as neighbours without involving DPT? I should think a simple courtesy call is the least we can do this time of year.


Photo: A demonstration of proper Bernal Heights parking-notification technique. Photo by Tucker Perry, via the Bernalwood group.

Go Team! Vote for Bernal Heights vs. The Lower Haight in the Curbed Cup Final Four

Bernalwood Cheerleaders

After two rounds of digital combat, Bernal Heights has made an impressively strong showing in the 2010 Curbed Cup, an online competition in which the CurbedSF blog pits neighborhoods against one another to claim bragging rights and possession of a pixel-based trophy. Now, wouldn’t this look lovely perched on our virtual bookshelf? (At least we won’t have to fight over who gets to keep it.)
To recap the competition thus far: Bernal Heights was initially ranked as the 11th seed in the Curbed Cup competition. Oh, how they underestimated us. To the great surprise of the pundits and wags, Bernal surged ahead to defeat the swanks of Nob Hill in the first elimination round. Then, in round two, we squeaked past the dotcommers of SoMa to eke out a narrow victory that catapulted Bernal into the Final Four.

Our next challenge will take place tomorrow — on Tuesday, December 27, 2010 — when Bernal will go head-to-head against The Lower Haight.

Obviously, any Bernal resident could go on and on about the aesthetic and moral reasons why we deserve to vanquish the Haight. But frankly, none of that matters. What matters is votes, and specifically, YOUR vote (and the votes of your loved ones, children, distant relatives, Facebook fwiendz, Twitter minions, work colleagues, pets, or anyone else with a unique IP address).  In other words, the Curbed Cup plays well to another of Bernal’s historic strengths: our indomitable spirit of can-do activism.

So you know what to do: Tomorrow, visit CurbedSF and place your vote for good ol’ Bernal Heights. Then tell lots of other people to do the same (and tell them to do the same). Let’s defeat those rascals from the Lower Haight to make it into the finals. Mark your calendars. Monitor your social-networking feeds. Vote early and vote often, and LET’S DO THIS THING. Onward!  To glory!

Crime Blotter: Bad Dad Commands Clueless Kids to Steal from Your Mailbox!

Good Morning, Officer

Looks like a certain someone is unlikely to win the Best Dad of the Year Award. But he remains a very viable candidate to win Stupid Douchebag Dad of the Year. From the San Francisco Examiner:

Three days before Christmas, an allegedly bad dad made his son and nephew swipe mail from mailboxes in Bernal Heights, police said.

Cops say a suspect who was booked at Ingleside Station Wednesday gave the young boys plastic bags with instructions to steal mail from mailboxes, then showed them how to use a stick to reach mail in some boxes, police said.

A citizen reported the thefts to cops, who said the trio possessed a “copious amount” of mail. The mail reportedly came from several residences in the area.

Photo: Troy Holden

Terrible News for Bernal Heights and Mission District Jews Seeking the Traditional Christmas Dinner

Bad News for Jews
Devastating news for any Bernal Heights or Mission District Jews who planned to mark Christmas Day with a traditional feast of Chinese cuisine: Mission Chinese Food, the area’s most amazing Chinese restaurant (within a Chinese restaurant), is closed until Sunday, December 26. Oy! So so sad. And so unsettling for the Sino-Judaic Christmas alliance.

As a backup, might I suggest Z and Y Restaurant in Chinatown? Good luck.

Photo: Telstar Logistics