Young Bernal Actors Perform in Downtown Production of “American Idiot: The Musical”


Neighbor Martha reports that three young Bernal actors play prominent roles in a downtown production of “American Idiot the Musical,” and you can see them perform later this week.

Neighbor Martha (Sydney’s mom) tells Bernalwood:

Three born and raised Bernal teens are performing in Young Peoples Teen Musical Theater Company’s production of American Idiot the Musical. The Bernal teens are Sidney, Olivia, and Lufton.

Lufton plays Tunny who joins the army, gets wounded, suffers serious injuries and loses a leg. During his rehabilitation, he falls in love with his nurse, and she returns home with him. Olivia is Extraordinary Girl, Tunny’s rehab nurse:


Sidney’s plays an angry teenager:


Come see Young Peoples Teen Musical Theater Company production of American Idiot the Musical

Performances Thu – Sat, February 11-13, @ 8pm
Eureka Theater
214 Jackson St, SF

More information here.

Get tickets here!

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Bernal Filmmakers Producing “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” Headed to Sundance Screenwriters Lab


Bernal Heights filmmakers Joe Talbot and Jimmie Fails just got some more good news about The Last Black Man in San Francisco, the feature-length film they’re now producing after completing a successful crowdfunding campaign last year.

They’re going to Sundance!

Specifically, they’re going to the Sundance Screenwriters Lab, which is a huge deal in a pre-production sort of way.  Team LBMSF writes:

Our script was just accepted into the Sundance Screenwriters Lab!!!! This is HUGE. Over 5 days, we will workshop the script with industry mentors that Sundance has selected for us at the Sundance Resort in Utah. Past attendees include Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream), Wes Anderson (Bottle Rocket), Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station), Ben Zeitlen (Beasts of the Southern Wild) and many, many more. From there, we will go to the Sundance Film Festival and Joe will be joined by producers, Khaliah Neal, Carlton Evans, Michael Kontomanolis, and Natalie Teter to meet with other industry players as well as potential crew. (Between us, there are a couple DP’s we have our eyes on.) Beyond all those wonderful things, being selected for the Labs is one of the most coveted seals of approvals in the industry.

Big red carpet congrats!

To track the progress of The Last Black Man in San Francisco as it makes its way to the big screen, like the Facebook Page or sign up for their glamorous mailing list.

Murals Proposed for Sutrito Tower Utility Building on Bernal Hill


A proposal is currently making the rounds to paint murals on the walls of the bunker-like utility building that sits inside the Sutrito Tower complex atop Bernal Hill. Under the current proposal, Precita Eyes Muralists would create four murals on each side of the building.

Omar Masry from the City’s Planning Department is circulating details about the proposal:

  • The radio tower and building are privately operated by American Tower Corporation (ATC). The Planning Department has been working with other City agencies (Public Safety, Department of Technology) and ATC on improvements to the site such as repairing fencing, adding landscaping (no trees well outside of the fence line are affected), a water tank (using recycled water), security (primarily motion-based) lighting, removing any abandoned antennas, and so on.
  • The tower features antennas for both commercial users, as well as those used by the City to communicate with police and firefighters in the neighborhood. So, improving security here is important, and we would appreciate your assistance in being an extra set of eyes for any suspicious activity, trespassing, or vandalism.
  • ATC is considering hosting a mural by a local artist group, Precita Eyes, on the walls of the building. Please see attached.
  • Please feel free to let me know your thoughts, or to contact Susan with Precita Eyes Muralists directly.
  • Because the building is privately owned, the mural is not subject to City review.

Precita Eyes has done conceptual drawings for each of the four proposed murals, with a narrative written to explain what the murals represent:

Bernal Heights Tower Medicine Wheel Mural Project Narrative

The initial concept of this project was inspired by the building’s natural surroundings, and its alignment with the cardinal directions, corresponding to the Ohlone (Aboriginal peoples of the greater Bay Area) medicine wheel. The four colors of the wheel represent all our relations, and declare peace for each other and the creatures found in the wild. Because it is a telecommunications tower, included are crystal mineral formations and geometric shapes to compliment ground built from surrounding native plants and trees.

The brief descriptions to follow reflects the properties and essences of each cardinal direction, which serves as the base color for each wall.

Yellow- East
Represents the male energy and direction of the rising sun and fire. Animals present are the San Francisco Garter Snake and the Tule Elk.

Black- West
Also known as the direction of the feminine aspects seen as turtle, the continent known as Turtle Island stretching from North to South America. The word Tonantzin seen in the sky means Mother Earth in Nahuatl, the ancient language of the Mexica. Also important are the sacred waters and relationship with Metzli (The Moon), the death of one day (represented by the Flicker bird) leading to the next along with a pair of Great Blue Herons. The Lotus Flower and Native sage are also visualized.

Red- South
Sutrtoreast Held by the youth, essence of will and discipline, symbolized by the hummingbird. The wild curiosity of the Raccoon’s and Coyote’s trickster spirit is ever present in our modern day environment. The Black Widow web represents our collective web and security on the far left side connecting to an abstract version of native mother bird nesting.

White- North
The north side serves as an homage to our past, present and future relations and the word ancestors is read within the wings of a Golden Eagle with silhouetted figures underneath enjoying the sights and tranquility of Bernal Heights.

Leading Design Artists:

Max Marttila
Eli Lippert
Fred Alvarado
Dno Deladingo
Suaro Cervantes

Ok, got all that?

Here’s my personal $0.02: Putting murals on the walls of the Sutrito Tower utility building is a great idea, and long overdue. Yet Precita Eyes is already very, very well represented in our neighborhood. To name just a few, Precita Eyes did the piece on the front of the Bernal Heights library. Precita Eyes did the mural on the Precita Neighborhood Center, on Precita near Alabama. Precita Eyes did the murals on Leonard Flynn School, facing Precita Park. Precita Eyes has a mural on the Walgreens, on the northwest corner of Mission and Cesar Chavez. Precita Eyes has also been tapped to do a 9-story mural on the side of the subsidized housing project for senior citizens on Shotwell near Cesar Chavez.  Most of these are terrific pieces, but there’s no need for us to live in a mural monoculture, especially when there are a so many artists (young and old) who live in Bernal Heights, and who could bring an alternative perspective to this iconic. high-profile site. This is an excellent opportunity for us to diversify our public art and celebrate a broader range of Bernal talent. Why not give someone else a chance? Please, American Tower Corporation?

Of course, your opinion may differ. If you’d like to share your feedback on the current proposal, you can comment below or email Omar Masry from the Planning Department at

PHOTO: Aerial view of Bernal Hill from Telstar Logistics

This Weekend: Open Studio Sale at Recycled Glassworks



Still looking for that special something for the home-decorista on your Santa’s list? Lucky for you Santa, Neighbor Lauren from Recycled Glassworks on Bonview is having an open studio sale this weekend:

What breaks in Bernal, stays in Bernal. Windows break or get replaced. Neighbor Lauren turns plate glass into unique, functional tableware. The plates, bowls, and platters are handmade in Recycled Glassworks’ studio in Bernal Heights. As popular gifts, they’re ready for their second life on the dinner table.

This weekend, Recycled Glassworks invites you to its Open Studio for the Holidays.

Over the last three years, Recycled Glassworks has become a popular source of relief for last-minute gift anxiety. Neighbors can browse the entire collection at its place of (re)birth, see many one-of-a-kind pieces, and get specials at outlet prices.

Saturday/Sunday, December 19-20, 12pm-5pm
238 Bonview Street (just off Cortland) in Bernal Heights, SF

Hope you can stop by.

PHOTOS: Courtesy of Recycled Glassworks

Help a Bernal Artist Find the Art That Was Stolen With Her Car


You might remember Neighbor Carrie Ann Plank; she played a starring role last April’s post about Bernal Heights artists at the Hunter’s Point Shipyard. Well, Neighbor Carrie Ann’s car was stolen on Saturday night, and some of her art was in it.  Grrrrrrrr.

She tells Bernalwood:

My car was stolen from in front of the house last night over on Bronte. I’m an artist, and unfortunately, several pieces of valuable artwork were inside the car.

Car thieves probably are not interested in art pieces, so I’m hoping they were dumped somewhere nearby. Can we put out a call to my fellow Bernal dwellers in case anyone sees them? I’m desperately hoping my good neighbors have some information that may lead to recovery! Additionally, I’m the artist in residence currently at Bullseye Glass and all of my notes and sketches were in the trunk. Would love to get those back too!

Fingers crossed! Thank you for the assist in getting the word out.

Here are the details:
2007 graphite Prius with a carseat, and here’s a few images of the missing work:




Friday: Buy Drinks at El Rio to Benefit Art for Bernal Kids


Neighbor Beth O’Connor brings word of a fundraiser for the Greet Art Workshop program that will happen tomorrow, Friday, November 20, at the fabulous El Rio (3158 Mission @Precita).

Neighbor Beth says:

Have you noticed the children’s artwork in window displays at Good Life Grocery?

That artwork was created by students right here in Bernal, at Paul Revere School. K and 1st grade students learned about the butterflies, bears, owls, trees and ferns of the redwood forest during this ten-week Pop-Up Habitat program. Each week they created a new redwood forest creature using previously discarded materials, such as old boxes, folders, coffee filters, corks and scrap paper. While discovering new ways to “up-cycle” these materials into art pieces, the students also learned how they can help protect this local ecosystem.

Green Art Workshop is homegrown right here in Bernal Heights, and founded in 2010. Paul Revere School was their first residency site back in 2011, and GAW continues to provide art programs each year. Elizabeth O’Connor (resident of Prospect Ave) and Susan Lynn Smith (resident of Bradford St) are Co-Founders/Co-Directors of GAW, and they are based right down the hill at everyone’s favorite creative reuse center, SCRAP. GAW heads up the classroom space and program development at SCRAP in addition to their mobile workshops.

Come meet Beth and Susan and the rest of the folks that make up the Green Art Workshop ecosystem for their Fall Happy Hour Fundraiser tomorrow November 20th from 4-6pm at El Rio. All bar proceeds will be donated to GAW, and GAW will be showcasing their Mix and Match Marionette making workshop.

GAWElRioFundraiser (1)-1

PHOTO: Top, scene from the windows at Good Life, courtesy of Green Arts Workshop

Hot Pink Shark Mural Inspires Aspiring Local Artist


Opinions about the bold mural on the side of the “Helipad House” at the top of Folsom in North Bernal have been polarized practically from the instant when muralist  Casey O’Connell first put down her paintbrush. Nevertheless, the mural recently provided a muse for one emerging local artist, as shown in this image shared by Eric Silman.

It’s awesome, and even more so when you compare its fidelity to the original: