Happy Motoring During the 2011 Bernal GT

2011 Bernal GT

2011 Bernal GT

2011 Bernal GT

2011 Bernal GT

I had such a great time on the road last Sunday driving in the 2011 Bernal GT.

Organized by the ├╝berdudes from Bernal Dads Racing, the Bernal GT started at Fort Funston, meandered to Pescadero (via just about every twisty-curvey road between here and there), and then concluded at our own Holly Park.

There were 25+ glamorous cars on hand for the event — including two Ferraris, several classic Volvos, a rare Dinalpin, a 1964 Alfa Romeo, a 1956 Jaguar, a DeLorean (sans flux capacitors), and one mutant Porsche 914 repowered with an engine from a Subaru WRX.

Meanwhile, in true Bernal fashion, the GT was extremely kid-friendly, and many of the above vehicles came tricked-out with kiddie car seats — and young’uns to warm them. A favorite moment: Watching a pack of kids pile into a Ferrari to gobble down a box of donuts in the back seat. (Somewhere, Enzo Ferrari was rolling in his grave.)

There was another so-Bernal aspect to the rally as well: The warmth and hospitality of the participants. For example, one gentleman from BDR actually loaned me a 1972 BMW 3.0 CS to use for the day. (“I can’t go, but my car wants to,” he playfully explained.) The car was a dream to drive, but the gesture itself was the best part. Sweet! So this was my ride for the day:
2011 Bernal GTAnd here is what it was like to drive the BMW up a winding, wooded hill near La Honda while chasing Ben Buja’s Volvo 124:

Lots more photos in the 2011 Bernal GT slideshow right here.

Special thanks to Armando, Ben, and Fiid for organizing the 2011 Bernal GT!

PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics

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